ISLAMABAD: Street crimes and vehicle theft continued unabated in the federal Capital as armed persons snatched over 30 mobile phones and auto thieves stole or snatched 62 vehicles including motorbikes in various parts of the city during the last week.

According to the data gathered by Business Recorder, armed robbers struck at over 20 places and looted valuables including gold ornaments, cash, and foreign currency, worth millions of rupees in the same period. Similarly, auto thieves also remained active in the city during the last week and snatched or stole 62 vehicles including 57 motorbikes worth millions of rupees from various localities.

During the last week, carjackers stole 57 bikes including, LP-903 of Imran Bashrat, AJP-911of Usama Tariq, a bike of Rahmat Ullah, BZL-423 of Sarwar Khan, ADM-851 of Sher Khan, RIQ-7826 of Shoaib Hussain, ADM-851 of Sher Khan, AX-4218 of Yasir Ali, bike BYR-654 of Zer Attiqu, a bike of Attiqur Rehman, BYR-654 of Zerqa Attiqu, a bike of Tariq Mehmood, AQU-722 of Ayaz Muhmmad, BWQ-913 of Raja Muhammad, AGR-495 of Faisal Kaleem, a bike of Daniayal, JML-9687 of Muhammad Akbar, AKR-145 of Shaukat Ali, BNN-028 of Ijaz Husain, a bike of Awaid Ahmed, GAQ-421 of Wasif Iqbal, RIL-922 of Ghulam Abbas, APF of Syed Awaid, RIQ-8967 of Zafer Iqbal, PIK-4951 of Dawood Amjad, and BRP-858 of Hamad Ullah.

The auto thieves also stole or snatched bikes including, RIQ-8208 of Asif Rehan, CL-618 of Muhammad Khursheed, a bike of Muhammad Sumair, a bike of Nadeem Iqbal, BKN-369 of Sohail Akram, RIV-1490 of Hamza Mustafa, LEH-5385 of Ashtiaq Ahmed, MP-712 of Faisl Rehman, a bike of Taj Bacha, RIN-4019 of Najeeb Ali, LEL-09 of Muhammad Ramanza, bike BNQ-123 of Muhammad Saqlan, a bike of Taj, FDV-4066 of Hameed Akhtar, GAL-5783 of Muhammad Aslam,GAP-315 of Imran Majeed, BQN-860 of Qazi Wiqas, a bike of Siraj, RIO-7453 of Muhammad Ijaz, a bike of Abdur Rehman, APP-725 of Amir Shehzad, BRL-202 of Rohol Zahid, RIM-7036 of Mutam Mehmood, BWN-649 of Muhammad Israr, BNO-678 of Muhammad Shafiqu, a bike of Abdul Basit, ZQ-057 of Azhar Mehmmod, STIK-7935 of Zahid Serfaraz, ACH-6125 of Shah Nawaz, and BAR-585 of Muhammad Ishan.

During the last week, auto thieves stole over five cars bearing registration numbers, LW-6386 of Munwer Zaman, KC-5039 of Saif Uddin, lifted a Suzuki van of Muhammad Akram, YK-785 of Daynial Khan, and IDM-9491 of Sohail Ahmed.

In the same period, criminal gangs were most active within the limits of Koral, Sabzi Mandi, Industrial Area, Margalla, and Karachi Company police station.

As many as nine cases of auto theft, four cases of mobile snatching, and one case of robbery were reported to Koral police station during the last week. Armed persons snatched a mobile phone from Imran Majeed, Mustafa Sheeraz, and Subhan Tariq.

Robbers broke into the house of Nosheen Bibbi and looted a mobile phone and cash.

During the last week, Sabzi Mandi police registered five cases of auto theft and six cases of mobile snatching. Armed persons snatched a mobile phone from Syed Faisal, Amir Shehzad, two mobile phones from Muhammad Zaki Ullah, and three mobile phones from Mirza Muhammad in different localities.

Similarly, seven cases of auto theft, two cases of mobile snatching, and one case of robbery was reported to the Industrial Area police station during the last week. Robbers broke into the house of Zafer Iqbal and looted cash and ornament.

Unidentified persons snatched three mobile phones from Qasir Khalid as well as another gang snatched a mobile phone and cash from Saad Kamal.

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