ISLAMABAD: The devastating floods triggered by monsoon rains have killed another 12 people, injured two, damaged 19,153 houses, and killed 2,042 livestock in Pakistan during the past 24 hours, data released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said.

Following the fresh damages, the national flood death tally has reached 1,355, injured tally 12,722, damaged houses 1,712,514, livestock lost 753,187, bridges destroyed 246, and 6,579 kilometres of roads have been swept away.

According to the NDMA’s report, in the past 24 hours most of the damages were reported in Sindh provinces, wherein, at least, six people lost their lives, 17,590 houses were damaged and 2,042 livestock was lost. Balochistan reported three deaths, two injuries, and 1,317 houses damaged.

The NDMA further said that the authorities have started a joint survey/damage assessment in the flood-affected areas, starting with 26 flood-hit areas.

According to official data, the floods that started on June 14, 2022, so far have claimed 1,355lives including 601 men, 273 women, and 481 children.

Sindh province with 542 deaths and 8,321 injuries is the worst flood-affected region in the country, wherein, around 1.5 million houses are also damaged, of which,487,410 are fully destroyed and over one million are partially damaged, while 26,815 livestock is also lost owing to the worst ever floods of the country. A total 2,578 kilometres of road network and 63 bridges are also damaged in Sindh. The KPK has reported 292 flood-related deaths, 351 injuries, destruction of 88,390 houses, of which, 52,828are partially and 35,562 are fully damaged, while 1,589 kilometres of roads and 84 bridges are also swept away in the rain waters.

Balochistan has reported 263deaths, 166injuries, 64,385houses damaged, of which, 45,975 partially and 18,410are fully destroyed. Moreover,18 bridges, 1,500 kilometres of roads are swept away and over half a million livestock is lost.

Punjab reported 191flood-related deaths, 3,858injuries, and 59,078 houses damaged, of which,36,477 partially and 22,601 fully damaged, while a total 205,106 livestock is also killed in floodwaters.

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has reported 22 flood reported deaths, five injuries, 1,164 houses damaged, of which, 618 partially and 546 fully destroyed. Moreover, 65 bridges and 16 kilometres of roads ae also swept away in rain waters.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) reported 44 flood-related deaths, 21 injuries, 521houses damaged, of which, 219 partially and 302 fully destroyed, while 792 livestock are also lost in the AJK. The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has reported one flood-related death so far.

The widespread floods triggered by monsoon rains have not only resulted in the death of over 1,300 persons, damaged over 1.71 million houses, destroyed6,579 kilometres of road networks across the country, and swept away 246 bridges but have also destroyed standing paddy, cotton, vegetables, fruits and dates crops across the country especially, in Sindh and Balochistan, which according to rough estimates have caused hundreds of billions of rupees in losses to the agriculture economy.

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