ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Friday said that he had no disagreements with the “neutrals” – a term coined for the military establishment – questioning why would he get into a quarrel with the military.

“Weakening the neutrals means strengthening the enemy and only the country will suffer during this fight,” he told a select group of journalists during a meeting at his Banigala residence.

When asked about the chances of his arrest, he said that if the “imported regime” wants to arrest him, it must proceed with it as he is not afraid of anything because he had not crossed any red line.

He continued that free and fair elections are the only way forward to steer the country out of the prevailing political and economic crises.

Punjab by-polls to decide future of Pakistan: Imran Khan

“When a pro-people government will be formed only then the economy will flourish [and] as long as “the puppets” are there who have been imposed on us, the country has no future,” he declared. To a question, he said that if he speaks to “the neutrals”, there will be only one stance: go for early free, fair, and transparent elections in the country.

Khan continued that nobody is ready to speak to the leaders of this “imported regime”, asserting that he will never join hands with the “thieves” even if he has to sit on the opposition benches.

“It is better to be in opposition than to have a dialogue with the PPP and the PML-N walas,” he maintained.

He warned that if by-polls in 20 constituencies of Punjab are rigged, it may harm the country, adding the PTI’s next line of action will be revealed later.

“What do I have to do? I can wait but it is the country that will suffer,” he maintained.

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Pantsonfire Jul 09, 2022 01:02pm
Sometimes he tells neutrals to stay out. Then he begs them to intervene. Then he and his followers slander them. Then he says no issue with them. No shame whatsoever.
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