A female Indian politician from a tribal community has been nominated as presidential candidate by prime minister Narendra Modi’s ruling nationalist party, BJP, which has been incessantly disparaging Muslims since its victory in the 2014 general election.

Nominating a tribal, female politician for Presidency is nothing but a devious ploy of the ruling party to expand and consolidate its power base that is guided by the philosophy of majoritarianism. According to this philosophy, the majority of population is entitled to limitless primacy in society. That Muslims under the BJP government are facing the worst form of persecution and repression in India is a fact; it is, in fact, demonizing the Muslim community day in, day out. It has also decided not to placate and woo Muslims to perpetuate its rule.

It is increasingly clear that Muslims all over India are facing the brunt of Hindutva brigade. The BJP has grown in strength by pursuing socially exclusive policies and politics. It is, therefore, no wonder that the ruling party has decided not to field anyone from any minority community for the post of president. The BJP is going to become ‘Muslim-free’ in Parliament after three Muslim MPs from the treasury benches failed to secure a renomination to the Rajya Sabha.

Tanvir Mehdi (Karachi)

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