CHICAGO: Deliveries against Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) May corn and soybean futures should be light on Friday, the first notice day, traders and analysts said on Thursday, given firm cash markets.

Traders expected zero to 500 deliveries against CBOT May corn futures and zero to 200 deliveries against May soybean futures. For soymeal, traders expected deliveries of zero to 100 contracts and May soyoil deliveries were estimated at zero to 400 lots.

For CBOT May wheat, the range of expectations was wider, from 100 to 2,000 contracts. Traders estimated deliveries against K.C. May hard red winter wheat at zero to 300 contracts and deliveries against Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) May spring wheat futures at zero to 200 contracts.

Expectations for deliveries against CBOT May rough rice futures were for 150 to 500 contracts and May oats deliveries were seen at zero to 100 lots.


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