KARACHI: Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, while taking exception of removal of 150 names from exit control list, alleged Sunday that names of ‘the most wanted criminals’ were removed from ECL.

Sheikh in a video statement said that removal of names of ‘the robbers’ were placed in the ECL so that they could not flee along with the plundered money.

He said apparently a conspiracy of ‘thieves’ has succeeded but the nation will never forgive the ‘imported rulers’ who came in power by accepting US slavery.

“Pakistani people just see the removed names and they will find that Rana Sanaullah removed the name of Rana Sanaullah from ECL,” Sheikh pointed out.

He claimed that a NRO is given and taken and now these ‘thieves’ will abolish NAB and then flee from Pakistan.

He added that people of Pakistan will not allow these thieves to flee.

Haleem Adil Sheikh referring to a video of Miftah Ismail’ said that Miftah was telling his masters that Imran Khan is following a religious path and advocating the righteousness.

He said Miftah’s delegation was not received well by their ‘masters’ and higher officials of IMF and World Bank did not bother to meet them. He said international financial institutions have directed Miftah to do away with subsidies given by PTI government that would result in unprecedented rise in inflation in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, on PTI chairman Imran Khan’s call for Islamabad March a program was organized in Dhani Bakhsh Goth area. Haleem Adil Sheikh and a large number of PTI office bearers, workers and general public participated in the program to express solidarity with Imran Khan.


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