LAHORE: Liaqat Baloch, Deputy Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, President of the Standing Committee on Political National Affairs, while reacting on the aggressive, unwise, unethical statements of the Prime Minister on a daily basis, said that the people are suffering from price hike, unemployment, inflation, skyrocketing production costs, devaluation of rupee and street crimes. The government’s forthcoming speeches are laying the red carpet for undemocratic, unconstitutional, non-parliamentary measures.

The Prime Minister has realized that the ground has slipped under the government’s chair. Now he wanted to save the chair through blackmailing and covert begging.

Liaqat Baloch said that PTI’s list of national crimes is very long. The biggest crime is protection of corrupt mafia, giving NRO to former incompetent corrupt rulers, complete failure of accountability and giving NRO to the elements involved in Panama scandal by giving flour, sugar, ghee, oil, cement, steel, medicine, the agricultural inputs mafias all kinds of patronage, license to rob the people. Bargaining on the issue of Kashmir is writing on the wall.

It is a great crime to waste the great fruits of the success of the Afghan people on the Islamic ideology in Afghanistan. The drums of mediation are beating in the world, unwilling to talk to anyone inside the country. Not even a unified national foreign policy exists and national security policy is one-sided and controversial.

According to the message of Pakistan Document, instead of creating an atmosphere of dialogue in the country, an atmosphere of revenge based on mischief and rudeness has been created. The end of the PTI regime is inevitable for the country, the constitution and democracy.

Responding to a question, Liaqat Baloch said that one vote of Jamaat-e-Islami in the National Assembly is important but the successes and failures of the no-confidence motion have become insignificant issues due to the factors behind the government and the no-confidence motion. The unholy alliance (Bhan Mati’s family) has become a security risk.

The only lasting constitutional democratic solution to the crisis is early elections. The 2018 elections mandate was controversial and has now become a poison. Public opinion is essential for a new mandate.

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