ISLAMABAD: Incidents of mobile phone snatching is on the rise in the heavily-guarded federal capital. According to data gathered by Business Recorder, armed gangs snatched over 68 mobile phones in the jurisdictions of various police stations during the last week as compared to 40 mobile phones snatching incidents in the week before that.

A police official, on condition of anonymity, said that the number of snatched or stolen mobile phones might be more than the reported cases as majority of the victims do not lodge complaints in police stations, because they do not expect the recovery of their stolen or snatched phones.

Similarly, various gangs of auto thieves also remained active in the city during the last week and snatched or stole 37 vehicles including 26 motorbikes and eight cars.

The 11 cars stolen in the city bore registration numbers; YV-837 belonging to Nasar Iqbal, AMZ-837 belonging to Yousaf Khan, RIA-3843 belonging to Khurram Shehzad, Suzuki van LZF-8496 belonging to Muhammad Arshad Khan, HB-518 belonging to Saad Rehman, car of Saddam Hussain, RIQ-5356 belonging to Jehanzeb, ANV-909 belonging to Muhammad Faraz, LOX-7649 belonging to Ghazanfer Ali, a bike CL-116 belonging to Muhammad Ishaq, and Suzuki pick up ADA-416 belonging to Abdul Qadeer.

Carjackers also lifted 26 motorbikes bearing registration numbers; RIR-8893 belonging to Muhammad Ibrar, APL-2021 belonging to Riaz Masih, ALL-9888 belonging to Muhammad Yunus, bike of Dawood Yousaf, MR-6859 belonging to Wasif Mumtaz, bike of Muhammad Faqir,GAM-174 of Muhammad Asif, LRH-3967 belonging to Mumtaz Khanm, BNL-6268 belonging to Nasir Ali, AGN-146 belonging to Asim Ghafar, AGP-054 belonging to Subkhan ulllah, GTK-7922 belonging to Basheer Ahmed, RIM-7829 belonging to Fazlur Rheman, ACL-4921 belonging to Shakir Ali, AZP-486 belonging to Rustam Khan, BQA-933 belonging to Ayaz Hussain, bike of Muhamamd Irfan, KMK-1184 belonging to Sohail Ahmed Khan, AYM-786 belonging to Zain Ullah, RIL-9165 belonging to Alyan Mujtaba, BRQ-712 belonging to Afaq Ahmed, APF-125 belonging to Azhar Mehmood Mughal, ACM-5418 belonging to Zaheer Abbas, AWL-846 belonging to Abdul Ullah, LEP-1501 belonging to Usman Shehzad, and RIX-2275 belonging to Qasir Khan.

Criminal gangs were most active within the jurisdiction of Aabpara, Sihala, Koral, Golra, Khanna, and Sabzi Mandi police stations.

During the last week, 33 mobile phones were stolen from a shop in the limits of Golra police station.

Similarly, armed gangs snatched eight mobile phones in the limits of Koral, seven in Sabzi Mandi, six in Aabpara, five in Sihala, and four in the jurisdiction of Khanna police station.

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