ISLAMABAD: Mobile phone snatching incidents witnessed an increase in the capital city as more than 40 mobile phones were snatched from the citizens, mostly at gunpoint in various localities, during the last week.

Police data shows that at least, 40 incidents of snatching, 40 car thefts, 17 cases of robbery, and four murders were reported to the city’s different police stations during the same period.

Criminal gangs were most active within the jurisdiction of Koral, Aabpara, Industrial Area, Sihala, and Kohsar police stations.

Similarly, various gangs of auto thieves also remained active in the city during the last week and snatched or stole 40 vehicles including 33 motorbikes and eight cars.

The seven cars stolen in the city bearing registration number were, BEN-490 belonging to Muhammad Suleman, BJ-931 belonging to Muhammad Naseer Aslam, LEA-9169 belonging to Azhar Ahmed, AFF-845 belonging to Dar Abdul Manan, LET-4234 belonging to Muhammad Bashir, 077 belonging to Muhammad Kamran, and BSM-438 belonging to Muhammad Sohail.

Carjackers also lifted 33 motorbikes bearing registration numbers; AQB-801 belonging to Abid Mehmood, LEB-9334 belonging to Bilal Haider, RIP-8586 belonging to Tahir Ayub, Mushtaq Ali Shah, RIIR-1516 belonging to Muhammad Maomoon, RIL-512 belonging to Umer Sajjad, LEO-4926 belonging to Aqib Nawax, BKM-609 belonging to Iftikhar Ahmed, AZP-024 belonging to Zeeshan Yonus, LEM-1871 belonging to Manzoor, AAR-2340 belonging to Asif Khan, RIN-5113 belonging to Waseem Abbasi, B-907 belonging to Abdul Qadeer, AKM-729 belonging to Kamran Qayyum, a bike belonging to Muhammad Zaman, and VIVI-Y20 belonging to Adil Hussain.

The stolen bikes also included; AWN-934 belonging to Azeem Khan, a bike belonging to Muhammad Ali, RIL-5007 belonging to Imran Hussain, RIO-502 belonging to Muhammad Ayaz, RIM-6847 belonging to Muhammad Israr, RLF-9973, a bike belonging to Raja Azhar Ahmed Mehmod, BLP-870 belonging to Akhtar Khan, AGM-882 belonging to Waqar Ayub, BBM-628 belonging to Muhammad Bilal, RIK-799 from Masood Ahmed, RIO-2386 belonging to Saad Rehman, AJQ-882 belonging to Mubeen Afazal, RIK-4695 belonging to Zulfiqar Ali, KWL-9445 belonging to Chaudhry Muhammad Akram, ALQ-347 belonging to Gull Zeem Khan, and BAM-923 belonging to Muhammad Imran.

During the last week, Koral police registered eight cases of mobile snatching, four cases of robbery, four cases of auto theft, and two cases of kidnapping.

Armed persons snatched mobile from Shabeer Khan, Tanveerur Rehman, Qazi Muhammad Zia, Hadier Ali, Imran Ahmed, Hamza, Zeeshan, and Muhammad Atif in the different localities of Koral police station.

A gang of robbers stole gold ornament cash from the house of Akhtar Ali. Another Changees Akhtar lodged complaint with Koral police station that robbers stole valuables worth Rs 150,000 from his house.

Unidentified people kidnapped nephew of Syed Ebad Hussain, Muhammad Tahir informed Koral police station that unidentified persons stole a laptop, and gold ornaments from his house. Armed persons snatched Rs 200,000 from Muhammad Ayub at gunpoint.

During another incident an accused Haris kidnapped wife of KK. During the same period, four cases of murder, seven cases of car theft, two cases of robbery, and one case of mobile phone snatching were reported to Aabpara police station.

Some unidentified robbers stole cash, and a LCD from the house of Haider Ali. Burglars broke into the house of Shakeel Abbasi and looted prize bonds and Rs 50,000 cash. Two armed persons snatched a mobile phone from Adeel Mubarik.

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