ISLAMABAD: Prices of essential kitchen items have witnessed an increase during the week as compared with previous week, a survey carried out by Business Recorder revealed Saturday.

Talking to Business Recorder wholesalers, retailers and public at various markets of the twin cities revealed that a significant increase was witnessed in food as well as non-food items.

The survey noted that the prices of tomatoes, garlic, eggs, chicken, sugar, pulses, mustard oil, powdered milk, and some fruits registered an increase during the period under review. Wheat flour price went up from Rs1,050 per 15kg bag in wholesales market to Rs1,070 per bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs1,090 per bag against Rs1,070 per bag. Sugar price went up from Rs4,300 per 50kg bag to Rs4,350 per bag in the wholesale market, which in retail is being sold at Rs98 per kg.

Sugar prices were declining due to the start of crushing season as well as the government’s intervention in the market of supplying imported commodity at Rs90 per kg through the Utility Stores outlets and temporary/mobile outlets. The survey noted that tomato price went up from Rs320 per 5kg to Rs350 per 5kg, which in retail are being sold at Rs80-85 per kg against Rs75 per kg during the period under review. Eggs prices also witnessed an increase as it jumped from Rs5,200 per carton to Rs5,300 per carton, which in retail are being sold at Rs185 per dozen against Rs182 per dozen. Pulses prices remained stable during the week under review as masoor is available at Rs220 per kg, maash at Rs300 per kg, best quality lentil at Rs210 per kg, bean lentil at Rs290 per kg, best quality whole gram at Rs200 per kg, and moong price is stable at Rs165.

Firewood and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) price also increased from Rs850 per 40kg and Rs270 per kg to Rs900 per 40 kg and Rs295 per kg respectively. Fresh milk prices also witnessed an upward trend during the week.

Some vegetables prices witnessed a decline as potato price went down from Rs230 per 5kg to Rs 220 per kg, which in retail is being sold at Rs45-50 per kg.

Prices of various qualities of garlic went up from Rs700-1,300 per 5kg to Rs750-1400 per 5kg in the wholesale market during the week past as compared to the preceding week, which in the retail market are being sold at Rs180-300 per kg against Rs170-290 per kg.

Beef with bones price increased from Rs670 per kg to Rs680 per kg, boneless beef from Rs760 per kg to Rs770, and mutton from Rs1,360 per kg to 1,350-1,400 per kg during the week past compared to the preceding week.

A comparison between the market prices of essential commodities and prices computed by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed serious differences as sugar costs Rs98 per kg in the retail market, while the PBS has mentioned sugar price at Rs91.53 per kg. The PBS mentioned LPG price at Rs2,345.17 per 11.8 kg cylinder, which in market costs Rs2,650. The PBS mentioned Dalda ghee cooking oil price at Rs2,056.90 per 5 litre bottle, which in the market is available at Rs2,060. The PBS mentioned wheat flour price at Rs1,175 per 20kg bag, while in the market it costs Rs1,425 per 20kg. The PBS mentioned fresh milk price at Rs114.31 per litre, which in the market is being sold at Rs140 per litre and cooked daal plate on an average hotel is available at Rs140, while the PBS has mentioned its price at Rs83.08.

Various qualities of oranges are available in the range of Rs80-150 per dozen against Rs75-120 per dozen, best quality pomegranate price jumped from Rs270 per kg to Rs380 per kg and normal quality is available in the range of Rs150-200 per kg.

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