ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat has discussed the issue of superseding of some officers and sought information of Promotion Score Card of the Central Selection Board (CSB) from the Establishment Division.

The committee met with Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad in the chair at the Parliament House, on Thursday.

The committee discussed the issues regarding promotion of officers by the CSB, starred questions of Senator Walid, and public petition pertaining to the PTDC submitted by Malik Muhammad Khan.

Senator Dr Zarqa Taimur moved the issue of promotion and superseding of some officers and said that if we do not adopt transparent procedure then we could not expect good governance.

She said that senior officers have serious concerns over superseding of some officers.

She said that some officers are also facing the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

“We are not provided Promotion Score Cards and rules of procedure of the Central Selection Board. We want transparency in the procedure for promotion of officers for good governance,” she said.

Secretary Establishment Division Afzal Latif said, “It would be punishable under the law and rule, if bureaucrats approach any political person for promotion.”

While responding to the secretary, Senator Kamal Ali Agha said, “Parliament is the supreme democratic institution and it is responsible to look into any complaint, violation of discipline and law, and concerns of the people. Today (Thursday), teachers are protesting in front of the Parliament. The members of the parliament and provincial assemblies every day raise the complaints of police officers. The statement of the secretary is not appropriate.”

He said that we want transparency in the promotion of the officers; it is okay, if the Central Selection Board adopts proper transparent procedure in this regard. If the board adopted a transparent procedure, then why is it not providing Promotion Score Cards and rules under which the promotions were made, he said.

Committee Chairman Rana Maqbool Ahmad said that this perception has to be dispelled with, by further examination and analysis and vetting across through the officers by their senior hierarchy to resolve the issue in accordance with merit and law in favour of justice.

Hence, the committee proposed that before the next board, which is to be held on 28th of December, 2021 all repercussions be taken in interest of transparency and fair play.

The committee proposed that the high powered board meeting may be adjourned to take stock of the irritants being pointed out by the bureaucratic executive and the Senate panel.

While discussing public petition pertaining to the PTDC submitted by Chairman MK Pakistan Malik Muhammad Khan, the committee chairman was of the view that the chief secretary Balochistan, who was previously, warned to attend the meeting of this committee and he somehow or other tried to wriggle out which is against observance of rules and unbecoming of such a senior executive, showed appearance before the committee but was at a loss to assist in the proceedings for he was not prepared and he did not go through the relevant documents/ copies, which were sent to him more than three times.

Committee Chairman Rana Maqbool Ahmad asked Chief Secretary Balochistan Mathar Niaz Rana to decide the issue and to give recommendation.

The chief secretary said that he could not decide alone at this time because there are recommendations of the standing committees and judgment of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the Supreme Court. “I will decide on this issue by reading the recommendations of the Senate bodies, decisions of courts.”

The committee decided that the chief secretary Balochistan must report along with his findings by 27th December 2021, positively; therefore, the proceedings were adjourned for 27th December 2021.

On matter pertaining to starred question no 07 and 08 regarding the officers of the National Assembly, the Senate, other constituted bodies and services other than the occupational groups can be posted as commissioner and deputy commissioners, Senator Walid Iqbal objected to the postings of non-DMG/PAS officers on the positions of chief secretaries and commissioners, etc.

The chairman committee endorsed the view point of Senator Walid Iqbal to the extent that specialization and requisites experience has to be the basic criteria, if that is violated it will be counterproductive and injurious for system at large. “The government should be careful in selection of the officers, in suitability, seniority, experience, and specialization” Rana Maqbool further stated.

The chairman committee proposed certain observations regarding the provision of the Civil Servant Act pertaining to the selection and posting of the officers, which needs to be supported by requisite amendment in the Civil Servants Act.

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