SAO PAULO: Sowing of the 2021/2022 soybean crop reached 96% of the estimated planted area for Brazil, the world’s biggest exporter and producer of the commodity, data from agribusiness consultancy AgRural showed on Monday.

In southern Brazil, however, dry weather has delayed the pace of planting and is threatening the overall prospect of the grain crop.

In some parts of Rio Grande do Sul, farmers had to replant their soy seeds because dryness hurt the plant in the germination state, AgRural said.

At the same time in Paraná, farmers need rain “immediately” or else fields in the west of that state will suffer, the consultancy said.

In the case of summer corn, lack of rainfall has worried farmers in Paraná and Santa Catarina. In Rio Grande do Sul, however, dryness has already caused irreversible losses in some corn fields, AgRural said.

The consultancy said it will release new production estimates for Brazil’s summer corn and soybeans in the 2021/2022 harvest for clients later this week.

In early November, it estimated summer corn production at 27.8 million tonnes and soybean output 145.4 million tonnes.


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