The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL) said that it has been awarded a $1-million contract for the supply of frozen meat to Saudi Arabia.

In a notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday, TOMCL said that it has been contracted to supply frozen boneless deglanded meat to Global Developing Food Industries Company, Saudi Arabia.

“The group is considered to be one of the growing food manufacturing and distributing companies in the region,” added TOMCL in the statement.

Under the contract, 25 metric tons of meat will be supplied on a monthly basis, for the period of 10 months, via sea to Damam.

In April, Pakistan’s meat processing company was granted approval by the Chinese customs authorities to export heat-treated beef to China.

Pakistan's Organic Meat Company gets approval to Export beef to China

Back in December, The Organic Meat Company Ltd became the first company from Pakistan to be approved by a multinational food processing company for the supply of meat from Pakistan, after it was awarded an approximately $3.9-million contract to supply frozen boneless meat to the biggest food processor in the Middle East.

Pakistan's meat exporter eyeing to enter into international pet foods market

The Organic Meat Company Ltd., incorporated in 2010, is a Halal meat processor and exporter. The company started its operation in 2011 with two initial products, fresh chilled beef and mutton, and frozen boneless meat. TOMCL is also the first and only company to be approved by Saudi Arabia and Drug Authority (SFDA) to export frozen meat via sea to Saudi Arabia.

The company was listed on the PSX last year.


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