HAMBURG: Tunisia's state grains agency is believed to have reached agreement to purchase about 75,000 tonnes of soft milling wheat and 100,000 tonnes of animal feed barley in an international tender which closed on Friday, European traders said.

The wheat was believed to have been bought in three 25,000 tonne consignments.

Trading house Dreyfus was said to have sold one wheat consignment at $351.97 a tonne c&f. Trading house Casillo sold two, one at $352.68 a tonne and the other at $353.68 tonne c&f.

The barley was also believed to have been bought in four 25,000 tonne consignments.

Viterra sold two barley consignments at $320.23 and $321.23 a tonne c&f. Dreyfus sold one at $320.10 and Cofco sold one at $321.15 a tonne c&f, they said. The grains can all be sourced from optional origins. The wheat and barley were both sought for shipment between Oct. 1 and Nov. 15 depending on origin supplied in four 25,000 tonne consignments.

If supplied from west Europe, the wheat shipment periods for the three consignments bought were Oct. 5-15, Oct. 10-20 and Oct. 20-30.

If supplied from east Europe or the Black Sea region, shipment periods for the wheat consignments are Oct. 10-20, Oct. 15-25 and Oct. 25 to Nov. 5, traders said.


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