SAO PAULO/NEW YORK: Sugar production in the world's largest maker of the sweetener increased 51% in the first half of August when compared to a year-earlier period, to 3.21 million tonnes for the centre-south region, industry group Unica said on Wednesday.

Mills continued to favor production of sugar at the expense of ethanol in Brazil as sales of the biofuel were down 18% in the annual comparison at 1.2 billion liters. Ethanol production was down 5.8% in the first half of August to 2.27 billion liters, Unica said, while cane crush in the period reached 46.40 million tonnes, 8.2% more. The numbers were in line with market expectations (see tables).

Brazilian mills adjusted plants this season to produce as much sugar as possible, as the food ingredient gives better financial returns in times when measures related to the coronavirus pandemic reduced demand and prices for ethanol.

Unica's technical director Antonio de Padua Rodrigues said the weather has been dryer-than-normal in the Brazilian winter, allowing for quick harvest pace and higher sugar content in cane.


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