PM vows to protect minorities, says Islam doesn’t allow forceful conversion

Aisha Mahmood July 29, 2019

Promising that his government will fully protect minorities living in Pakistan and their places of worship, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he will do everything he can for them.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with National Minority Day at the President House on Monday, the prime minister said that even Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) had given minorities religious freedom and protected their places of worship.

The premier added that how can anyone take it upon their own hands to forcefully convert someone to Islam either by marrying non-Muslim women or by killing someone because of their religion. “All these things are unIslamic,” the PM said. He added that these are people who neither know the history of Islam, nor their religion, the Quran or Sunnah.

He further said that Quran orders that there will be no compulsion in religion. He said even God’s messengers were not given the jurisdiction to force people to change their religion.

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