PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur has said that the law and order situation improved during PTI government in the Centre as PTI strengthened security institutes.

Addressing a press conference outside Adiala Jail after meeting PTI founder Imran Khan, CM Gandapur demanded that before the start of another military operation, all stakeholders must be taken into confidence as KP has suffered human and economic losses from the military operations.

KP CM stressed the need for talks with Afghanistan. He said now the security situation was aggravating after not talking to Afghan government.

Govt approves Operation Azm-e-Istehkam to eradicate terrorism

He said during PTI government, General Faiz Hameed remained engaged with Afghanistan.

He said Bilawal when became foreign minister travelled around the world but did not go to Afghanistan. He demanded that there should be talks so that Pakistan can move forward. KP CM said during APEX Committee meeting, there was no mention of military operation.

He said there was a discussion regarding law and order and there were talks of giving prizes but later the government named it Azm-e-Ishtehkam.

KP CM claimed that the law and order situation improved in PTI government.

He said, “We have strengthened all law enforcement agencies including CTD”.

Gandapur further said Ghani’s government in Afghanistan was against Pakistan, but Imran Khan went to Afghanistan and held talks with Kabul. He claimed during PTI government, General Faiz was engaged in Afghanistan for three years.

Later General Qamar Bajwa removed General Faiz on the advice of US or Nawaz Sharif. He said after removing General Faiz, General Bajwa got busy in eliminating PTI. He said General Bajwa committed mistake and incurred losses to the country by ousting the government of PTI. He said: “We have to fight with economic problems, our people were martyred, We want to end terrorism, we want peace”.

KP CM said: PTI founder has always called for dialogue. He said without negotiations, there will be no talks with institutions or the federal government.

He demanded PTI mandate should be retuned and a commission should be set up on May 9. Gandapur said, “there was no clarity about military operation. I want to meet Army Chief and DG ISI”.

He claimed that “Imran Khan is ready to sit for Pakistan”.

He said Rawalpindi Commissioner raised objections to the elections. Instead of probe in to the allegation, he was called crazy.

Talking about loadshedding, CM said, “We are a power-producing province, the reason of the line losses was not being discussed.


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