ISLAMABAD: The Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guaranteed (CPPA-G) has sought positive adjustment of Rs 3.50 per unit in FCAs of Discos for April 2024 under QTA mechanism for recovery of an additional Rs 30 billion. National Electric Power Regulator Authority (Nepra) will hold a public hearing on May 30, 2024 on CPPA-G’s request of adjustment in Discos tariffs.

According to data submitted to Nepra, in April 2024, hydel generation was recorded at 2,070 GWh - 23.96 percent total generation.

Power generation from local coal-fired power plants was 881 GWh in April 2024 which was 10.19 percent of total generation at a price of Rs 15.8284 per unit whereas 21 GWh was generated from imported coal at Rs 22.8405 per unit (0.24 percent). Generation from HSD and HSF was zero.

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Electricity generation from gas-based power plants was 975 GWh (11.28 percent) at Rs 13.2535 per unit. Generation from RLNG was 2,157 GWh (24.97 percent of total generation) at Rs 22.1261 per unit.

Electricity generation from nuclear sources was 2,043 GWh at Rs 1.5341 per unit (23.64 percent of total generation), and electricity imported from Iran was 37 GWh at Rs 27.4484 per unit. Power generation, generation from baggasse recorded at 56 GWh at a price calculated at Rs 5.9822 per unit.

The energy generated from wind was recorded at 287 GWh, 3.32 percent of total generation and solar at 113 GWh, 1.31 percent of total generation in April 2024.

The total energy generated was recorded at 8,639 GWh, at a basket price of Rs 9.2086 per unit. The total cost of energy was Rs 79.556 billion. However, with proposed reduction of Rs 3.064 billion as previous adjustments and sale of electricity IPPs, net electricity delivered to Discos in April 2024 was 8,375 GWh at a rate of Rs 8.9801 per unit, total price of which was Rs 75.205 billion.

CPPA-G argued that since reference fuel charges for April 2024 were Rs 5.4918 per unit while actual fuel charges were Rs 9.9801 per unit, hence, positive adjustment of Rs 3.4883 per unit be granted.

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