ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives has authorised Rs507.98 billion (54 percent), including Rs75 billion foreign exchange component while Rs353.088 billion has been expended in July to April 2023-24 against Rs940 billion of total budgeted allocation for development projects under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

According to the Ministry of Finance’s notification, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives authorised 15 percent funds for the first quarter, 20 percent for the second quarter, 25 percent for the third quarter, and 40 percent for the fourth quarter under the PSDP 2023-24.

According to data available on the website of the ministry, the ministry authorised Rs372.66 billion (57 percent) including 36.27 billion foreign aid for development projects of various federal ministries, divisions and other departments and Rs254.76 billion expenditures have been made against Rs653.2 billion budgeted allocations for the financial year 2023-24.

Ministry issues guidelines for PSDP 2024-25

The ministry authorised Rs127.066 billion including Rs38.73 billion foreign aid and Rs96.51 billion expenditures have been made out of Rs211.78 billion budgeted for the National Highways Authority (NHA) and power sector (NTDC/PEPCO) for development projects. A total of Rs93.9 billion has been authorised out of Rs156.5 billion for development projects while Rs57.8 billion expenditures have been made of the NHA and Rs33.17 billion authorised out of Rs55.3 billion for the power sector(NTDC/PEPCO) in July-April of the current year.

According to the data, a total of Rs61.31 billion has been authorised out of Rs90.12 billion budgeted allocations for development projects for the Cabinet Division while Rs43.56 billion have been expended. A total of Rs3.27 billion was authorised out of Rs5.45 billion for development projects of the Aviation Division, Rs2.43 billion for the Climate Change Division, Rs5.1 billion for the Federal Education and Professional Training Division, Rs86.35 billion for Provincial and Special Areas (previously, under FD/KA&GB), Rs3.6 billion for Information Technology and Telecom Division, and Rs19.8 billion for Railway Division.

The ministry also authorised Rs5.97 billion out Rs9.95 billion budgeted allocation for the Interior Division, Rs6.452 billion out of Rs13.1 billion for National Health Service, Regulations and Coordination Division, Rs1.92 billion for Defence Division, Rs960 million for Defence Production Division, Rs21.73 billion out of Rs40.68 billion for Housing and Works Division, Rs7.35 billion for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Division, Rs2.159 billion for Maritimes Affairs Division, Rs4.8 billion for Science and Technological Research Division, Rs1.93 billion for Finance Division, Rs900 million for Petroleum Division, and Rs66.037billion out of Rs110.5 billion budgeted allocation for development projects of Water Resources Division etc.

A total of Rs7.774 billion out of Rs70 billion budgeted allocations has been authorised for the prime minister’s initiatives, etc.

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