ISLAMABAD: Iranian firm M/s Sunir has sought Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s support for payment of outstanding amount of National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC).

In a letter to Prime Minister, Managing Director M/s Sunir, Hasan Gholinezhad stated that the company has completed the Gwadar Pak-Iran 220KV interconnection transmission line for the import of additional 100MW electricity from Iran to Gwadar region despite many problems like the security issues and abnormal conditions on January 2, 2023 in the shortest time period.

The company claims that after signing the amendment number 2(A) and according to the special instructions of Prime Minister for Pakistan, Sunir started the execution work of Gwadar transmission line immediately without any advance even before the starting contractual date and through investment from the company’s own resources.

Gwadar transmission line: Iranian firm interested in execution of phase I contract accord

However, despite finishing the work for more than one year, NTDC did not honour commitment of payment for invoices of Euro 5, 299,293.30 plus Rs 36,113,320.47 (almost just 40% of contract amount has been paid) despite repeated requests in writings and numerous meetings.

The company in its earlier letter stated that the result of support from Power Division and all NTDC projects and hard work of Sunir was completion of 30 kilometres transmission line from Polan till Jiwani-Gwadar interconnection; i.e., 132 kV line on February 5, 2023 despite security problems in Balochistan, heavy rains, flood and dust storms. The firm did all required works to connect the Gwadar transmission line in Iran and also in Jiwani-Gwadar interconnection point; i.e., 132Kv Line.

Now, since the company’s machineries, equipment, site office, warehouse and execution team are at site and from other side all transmission line materials are according to the technical specification of 220 kV in order to execute the complete transmission line(75 kilometres) and related GIS station, Iranian company has requested Secretary Power to instruct the start of second part of phase one (the related contract and its amendments are already signed) the company is ready to start the work with same price according to contract and related amendments) in Gwadar project including approximately 46km transmission line (220kV) and GIS Grid Station which in this case the capacity of Gwadar transmission line will be fully used and accordingly other regions in Pakistan can use the power through this line.

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