Operation Swift Retort anniversary: armed forces vow to respond to aggression ‘with full might’

  • Armed Forces of Pakistan, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Services Chiefs commemorate fifth anniversary of Operation Swift Retort against India
Published February 27, 2024 Updated February 28, 2024

On the occasion of the fifth year of Operation Swift Retort against India, Pakistan vowed on Tuesday to respond to any aggression against its people with “full might and without any hesitation”.

“The Armed Forces of Pakistan, along with the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and Services Chiefs, commemorate the fifth anniversary of Operation Swift Retort,” Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement today.

Timeline of events that led to “world’s biggest tea party” on February 27

The operation involved a dogfight between Pakistan Air Force and Indian Air Force in which Pakistan downed two of India’s jets.

After the Indian forces violated Pakistan’s airspace twice, the PAF retaliated, capturing one Indian pilot.

In its press release today, ISPR said that February 27, 2019 marked a significant event in the country’s history, demonstrating the resolve of the people of Pakistan and the professionalism of the armed forces in response to unwarranted aggression from India, motivated by political considerations and electoral concerns.

“Despite desperate Indian attempts to favourably shape the information space, the events of that fateful day showcased absolute operational ascendance of Pakistan’s Armed Forces over the Indian side,” the statement said.

“The steadfastness and competence of Pakistan’s Armed Forces were acknowledged by military experts and analysts throughout the world, effectively debunking frivolous Indian claims which could not stand to factual scrutiny, the statement added.

The ISPR said “the strategic foresight to return the downed pilot in interest of peace, from a position of strength and after having dominated the opposing force decisively, is unanimously hailed, to this day, by the international community as a remarkable gesture of political maturity and superior statecraft.”

It added that Pakistan is committed to peace and will continue to emphasize the importance of peaceful coexistence with our neighbours.“

However, it said it will not tolerate aggression against the people of Pakistan, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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