ISLAMABAD: The general body of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), unanimously, passed a resolution for holding PTI’s intra-party elections across the country within 15 days.

The resolution was passed in a meeting of the general body of PTI held here on Wednesday.

According to the resolution, “it is resolved that PTI’s Intra Party Election shall be held within 15 days of passing of this resolution. It is further resolved that PTI’s Intra Party Elections be conducted in person at the venues simultaneously in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta or such other place (s) as may be decided by the Federal Election Commission and, if so possible, digitally as well through which duly registered members can cast their vote remotely.”

It is further resolved that Raoof Hasan be confirmed/appointed as PTI’s Federal Election Commissioner and Qazi Muhammad Anwar (KPK), Waleed Iqbal (Punjab), Noor-ul-Haq Qureshi (Sindh), Muhammad Dawood Khan (Balochistan), and Shah Nasir (Gilgit-Baltistan) be confirmed/appointed as provincial/quasi provincial members of PTI. Election Commission (together the Election Commission) who shall conduct PTI’s Intra Party Elections as per PTI’s Constitution 2019.

The resolution further said that only the members who are registered members of PTI on the PTI Raabta official app, which is the digital Register of PTI members, as on 31st January 2024 shall be entitled to contest the Intra-Party Elections and vote in Intra-Party Elections on the Polling Day; however, the Election Commission may, keeping in view any judgement of any competent court, allow any other person(s) to participate in the intra-party elections subject to proof of valid membership as deemed acceptable to the Commission and such other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Election Commission.

The resolution said, “It is further resolved that the PTI Election Commission shall prepare and publish a Schedule for PTI’s Intra Party Elections along with any fee for collection and submission of Nomination Papers and any procedures and guidelines about IPE and it’s announced schedule, if deemed appropriate.

For managing the affairs of PTI till the announcing of the results of PTI’s Intra Party Elections, Omar Ayub shall act as the Chief Organizer of PTI in place of the previous Chief Organizer. The Chief Organizer is hereby authorized to notify Federal Election Commissioner and members of PTI Election Commission.”

“We the members further pass the following resolutions that: It is acknowledged that Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is the Founder of PTI and will remain its leader, inspiration and guiding light during his lifetime.

The persecution, imprisonment and unprecedented harassment of Imran Khan, his family and the leaders, workers and supporters of PTI is condemned in the strongest words possible. It is clarified that all party candidates for the upcoming General Elections scheduled for 8 February 2024, having been endorsed and nominated by the party, running for the general elections continue to remain party-affiliated candidates and will be bound by party policy and decisions, notwithstanding their treatment as independent candidates by the ECP due to allocation of individual electoral symbols.

The resolution further resolved that all decisions taken, orders made, resolutions passed, notifications issued, proceedings taken and acts done by the de facto office bearers of the party, which were made, taken or done, or purported to have been made, taken or done since the adoption of the Constitution dated 1 May 2019, shall, notwithstanding any judgment of any court or other authority, shall be deemed to be and always to have been validly made, taken or done and shall not be called in question by any member of the party in any court on any ground whatsoever.

Any dispute arising henceforth between the members of the party in connection with the intra-party elections or the matters stated in these resolutions, shall be resolved through arbitration by a panel of three arbitrators. Each opposing side or disputing member(s) shall appoint an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators shall jointly appoint the third arbitrator who shall act as the chairman of the arbitral tribunal. The arbitrators shall be independent and impartial having no conflict of interests.

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