ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA), on Monday, introduced state-of-the-art fast-track service by modernizing the system of providing amenities to the citizens.

The CDA has started to ensure the approval of the building plan in the facilitation center on a fast track.

Under this modern and fastest system, residential buildings of 356 yards will now be approved with an additional fee of Rs 20,000 with required documents within two days, while residential buildings larger than 356 yards will be approved with a fee of Rs 30,000. Additionally, commercial buildings up to 10,000 square yards will also be approved within three days. A separate desk has also been established for all these matters.

It should be noted that the citizens will not have to stand in the line of one window separately. After receiving the token, the citizens coming to the fast track service will be able to go to the relevant desk on their number and get their case processed by the relevant desk.

It should be noted that with the establishment of fast-track service, the citizens coming to the CDA Facilitation Center will neither have to wait for a long time nor will they have to stand in lines. It should be noted that Fast Track Services is the first and most modern facility of its kind across the country, the scope of which will be extended to other desks later.

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