PESHAWAR: Prices of essential food commodities including live chicken/meat, vegetables, sugar, flour, pulses and others remained high in the retail market, according to a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday.

The survey noticed live chicken was being sold at Rs370/kg while farm eggs available at Rs360 per dozen, hen eggs being sold at Rs750-800 per dozen.

Despite the local administration instruction, no check on rising prices of cow meat as butchers have continued defying official rates, selling cow meat with bone at Rs800-900 per kilogram and without bone at Rs1000 per kilo against the official fixed rate. Similarly, mutton beef was being sold at Rs1800-2000 and Rs2200 per kg.

Buyers urged the administration to take notice of vendors over self-imposed prices and ensure implementation of an official price-list in the provincial capital.

Prices of vegetables continued rising in the open market as in this week also only cauliflower was available at Rs40 per kilogram and other prices skyrocketed. Ginger was available at Rs800-900/kg while garlic was available at Rs350/kg, the survey noted.

Retaining its high position, tomatoes were available at Rs200-220 per kilo against the price of Rs180 per kilo, while price of onion also went up as being sold at Rs100-110 against the price of Rs80 per kilo.

The survey said peas was being sold at Rs350-400 and Rs450/kg, green pepper at Rs100/kilo, okra Rs100/kilo, and curry Rs60/kg and Kachalu Rs110/kilo, turnip at Rs120/kg Eggplant (bringle) Rs100/kilo, Zucchini (tori) Rs120-150/kilo, Tenda Rs100/kg, and lemon was being sold at Rs120/kg. Arvi was available at Rs150/kg, Karela (bitter gourd) at Rs100-120/kg, green chilly at Rs150/kg, cabbage at Rs150/kg, capsicum at Rs200/kg, red colored potatoes available at Rs80-100/kg while white-colored potatoes are sold at Rs70/kg in the retail market.

Price of sugar remains steady in the local market, as available at Rs160 per kilo against Rs150 per kilo in the retail market as no further decrease was witnessed in the wholesale market.

Prices of pulses/food grains remained unchanged in the local market. Good quality rice (sela) was available at Rs320kg, while low quality rice was available at Rs300/kg, while toota rice was available at Rs160/kg and Rs180-200/ kg.

Similarly, the survey furthermore said dal mash was available at Rs480/kg, dal masoor at Rs300 per kilo, dal chilka (black) at Rs320/kg, dal chilka (green) at Rs260/kg, moonge at Rs240/kg, dhoti dal at Rs280/kg, dal Channa at Rs280/kg, white lobiya at Rs260/kg, red bean at Rs560 per kg, Gram flour (baisen) at Rs280/kg, red bean from Rs450/kg, big size white Channa at Rs450/kg, small size white channa from Rs400/kg.

Similarly, the survey said the prices of flour have increased in the wholesale and retail markets. A 20-kg fine flour bag cost Rs 2900, mixed brown flour at Rs 2600-2700 per 20-kg bag while an 80-kg fine flour bag was available at Rs 13,000 in the open market, it added.

Prices of confectionery items, beverages, baby-milk, milk powder, pumpers and others also remained sky rocketed in the local market.

The prices of apples reached Rs350/kg, persimmon Rs150/kg and banana 100/dozen, guava Rs200/kg, grapes at Rs250-300 per kg.

According to the survey, prices of all brands and qualities of beverages also remained high in the local market. Black tea was being sold at Rs1400-1500 per kg, the survey added.

Prices of dry milk, milk powder and baby milk, pampers and other baby items further increased in the retail market.

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