LAHORE: The Punjab government has intensified the crackdown against illegal foreigners in the province, leading to the repatriation of 15,533 individuals so far.

This was disclosed during a meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi here on Friday to assess the overall law and order situation in the province. The meeting was attended by Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman, Inspector General of Police Captain Usman Anwar (retd) and other senior officials.

The Inspector General of Police delivered a comprehensive briefing on the ongoing operation targeting illegal aliens.

While addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister called for an effective crackdown against those harboring illegal foreigners and stressed unequivocally that no exemptions would be granted to facilitators of illegal resident aliens.

Expressing displeasure over the non-arrest of certain miscreants implicated in the May 9 incidents, CM issued a directive to expedite the apprehension of fugitive suspects connected to those events. He underscored the imperative to ensure the safety and security of the province's residents, directing all necessary measures.

Meanwhile, in a separate meeting, the CM issued a directive to initiate a crackdown on underage drivers throughout Punjab. Emphasizing the need for swift action, he instructed the officials to take measures against underage drivers as well as those driving without a proper license.

The Inspector General of Police, CCPO Lahore and all RPOs have been given explicit instructions by CM to enforce this crackdown.

He underscored the inherent dangers posed by young drivers not only to themselves but also to others on the road. He urged the parents not to allow young children to drive vehicles or ride motorcycles, adding that the potentially fatal consequences could arise from even a small mistake made by a young driver.

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