ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) core committee on Friday strongly condemned the continued violation of the basic legal and constitutional rights of the incarcerated PTI leaders especially the women workers, who were re-arrested repeatedly in sheer violation of the courts’ orders.

The committee called for protection of fundamental and legal rights of thousands of male and female prisoners, being subjected to the worst political revenge and demanded their immediate release.

It also lashed out at the police for attacking and sealing PTI’s Central office in Lahore and demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) take strict actions against the district administration and police officers for the attack on the PTI’s office by the personnel of the law enforcement agencies at the behest of the illegal caretaker government of Punjab to stop the scheduled press conference of the party’s local leadership.

The committee strongly denounced the prejudiced behaviour, biased decisions, and discriminatory justice of Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Aamer Farooq.

The forum highlighted that chief justice IHC completely lost his status as a judge due to his clear deviation from the basic principles of trust and honesty in the hearing of cases against PTI chairman, whose prejudice and partiality against Khan was clear to the nation like daylight.

They went on to say that the facilitation provided by the courts of the chief justice IHC to the national criminal was a clear attack on the sanctity of the judiciary and justice system.

The participants of the meeting underlined that the scales of justice in the hands of Aamer Farooq were a source of humiliation and disgrace for justice itself, which was seriously hurting the nation's trust in the judiciary.

The forum demanded that Justice Aamer Farooq should be sacked from the post in the light of decisions based on very poor and blatant injustice and the cases of PTI Chairman should be shifted to another judge of a good repute.

PTI Core Committee also decried the official propaganda campaign against the PTI social media team and social media volunteers worldwide and expressed solidarity with them.

The forum paid tributes to the official social media team and the volunteers associated with it for their selfless services to PTI and the country.

Moreover, the PTI Core Committee expressed solidarity with the oppressed people of Kashmir on the occasion of Kashmir Black Day observed across the country on October 27.

The party leaders reiterated their continued moral, political, and diplomatic support to the oppressed Kashmiri brothers for their right to self-determination and freedom from the tyrannical rule of India.

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Parvez Oct 28, 2023 11:35am
We live in a sham democracy where all laws and rules of even decent human behaviour are openly flaunted with impunity.
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