BR100 8,052 Increased By 75.9 (0.95%)
BR30 25,581 Decreased By -21.4 (-0.08%)
KSE100 76,707 Increased By 498.6 (0.65%)
KSE30 24,698 Increased By 260.2 (1.06%)

TEXT: Marked by the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our civilization has been fundamentally reshaped in the way we live, work, and interact, thrusting us into an era of unprecedented digital transformation. The pandemic served as a catalyst, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies across various sectors. More than ever before, individuals turned to online platforms for work, education, entertainment, and even shopping. This shift opened up new avenues for businesses to engage with consumers, making digital marketing an indispensable tool for brand promotion and customer interaction.

HubSalt recognized this transformative wave and pivoted swiftly to align its marketing and advertising strategies with the evolving digital landscape. Understanding that traditional methods, while still important, were no longer sufficient to engage modern consumers, HubSalt embarked on a journey of transformation to bring innovation and interactivity to its marketing approach. HubSalt, founded in 1986, has been a distinguished player in the salt manufacturing and processing industry in Pakistan for nearly four decades, with an impressive product catalog of upwards of 350 grades of salt from industrial grades, and edible culinary salts, to decorative lamps, and bath & spa products. The company has also been a leading supplier of pink Himalayan salt to global markets and brands. In December 2019, HubSalt launched an online store, which proved to be a great asset during the lockdown. Having an established e-commerce system allowed them to continue to serve customers and generate revenue during a time when physical retail was severely impacted.

In 2017, HubSalt partnered with Himalayan Secrets USA to launch a brand dedicated solely to showcasing its high-quality salt products. Himalayan Secrets has now become a global brand that is quickly gaining popularity in the US and EU regions, and is on track to expanding to other areas of the Asian continent. As the pandemic began in 2020, it saw most of its marketing efforts and business online via the website and various B2B and B2C marketplaces. The brand leveraged multiple strategies to enhance its online presence and engage its audience effectively. Firstly, they implemented SEO practices to optimize their website and improve online visibility. Additionally, they conducted social media giveaways to generate engagement and interest in their products, creating a buzz around the brand. Furthermore, Himalayan Secrets encouraged user-generated content to organically pique interest on social media, showcasing authentic experiences with their products. They also focused on producing lifestyle content, regularly sharing real pictures of their products and demonstrating how to use and display them, enhancing their brand’s relatability and appeal to their target audience.

These days, engaging consumers is more than just presenting products or services. It’s about creating an experience that resonates, entertains, and captivates. The element of playfulness has become paramount. Incorporating gamification, interactive content, and immersive experiences into marketing strategies not only captivates the audience but also fosters a connection by making the consumer an active participant in the brand's narrative. HubSaltembraced this paradigm shift by infusing playfulness into its marketing approach. Interactive online campaigns, engaging social media content, and informative, gamified experiences were designed to not only educate consumers about the properties and benefits of their products but also to entertain and establish a lasting connection. Tweets with “fun facts” on Twitter and word-search games on Instagram entertained and engaged users who might otherwise not have been interested in the type of salt they used.

A notable competition that kick started their digital marketing campaigns was a cooking contest hosted on Facebook Groups. Contestants were asked to create recipes at home using HubSalt’s Pink Himalayan Salt, with the promise of exciting and generous prizes for the winners. This generated not only a lot of excitement, but also a lot of awareness. Many participants who purchased HubSalt products for the first time to participate in the competition converted into lifelong patrons.

As the world grappled with unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, the importance of community and connection became more pronounced than ever. Marketing and advertising, once perceived as tools for selling, have evolved into bridges that connect individuals and communities. Brands now strive to foster genuine relationships with their audience, aiming for long-term loyalty and advocacy rather than one-time transactions.

HubSalt recognized the significance of building authentic connections and leveraged their marketing efforts to resonate with the values and aspirations of their consumers. By focusing on the community and engaging in meaningful dialogues, they showcased a commitment to being more than just a manufacturer – a partner in consumers’ daily lives. With ad campaign showcasing different recipes, HubSalt entered homes and kitchens to transform cooking from a boring chore to a work of art where even an ingredient as basic as salt can add charm and flourish to any dish. Following their social media efforts, HubSalt increased their focus on email marketing, shifting towards informative and relevant content for their customers with a more personal touch.

In this age of digital transformation, the dynamics of marketing and advertising are constantly evolving. HubSalt’s journey reflects the industry’s shift from a mere selling approach to creating enjoyable experiences that foster meaningful connections. By embracing transformation, infusing playfulness, and prioritizing genuine connections, businesses can navigate this new era successfully, intertwining their story with the narratives of their consumers, ultimately shaping a future where marketing is not just a transaction but a shared adventure.


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