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LAHORE: The caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has clarified that the sentence in the Al-Azizia reference (against Nawaz Sharif) has not been suspended; however, the case has been referred to the court.

During the Buzdar administration, he said, Nawaz Sharif’s request was dismissed without a fair hearing. Now, the court is entrusted with the decision of granting or denying bail. The case has been forwarded to the court under Section 401. He assured that such applications will also be addressed promptly.

Emphasizing the need for early elections, the CM expressed confidence in the Election Commission’s capacity to make sound decisions. While talking to during his visit to Jinnah Hospital, here Tuesday, the CM underscored the significance of conducting transparent elections, assuring that his administration would uphold their duty diligently.

He highlighted the absence of a dedicated government cancer hospital for the 140 million people of Punjab. While acknowledging the quality of private sector cancer hospitals, he lamented their inaccessibility to a significant portion of the populace. He announced the forthcoming establishment of a state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Manawan, which is expected to be fully operational within three months.

He acknowledged that according to court orders, doctors are prohibited from going on strike, and affirmed his reluctance to engage with those contemplating such actions. He assured the appointment of permanent Medical Superintendents in Punjab hospitals in the near future.

Addressing concerns about medicine availability, he disclosed that 70% of required medicines are currently in supply, while the remaining 30% face challenges due to increased prices. He acknowledged that work progress in Jinnah Hospital has been sluggish, but assured that substantial efforts are underway across all major hospitals.

He announced plans for the construction of the Jinnah Institute of Cardiology in the building adjacent to Jinnah Hospital, akin to the renowned Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC). He emphasized that the new institute will exclusively focus on cardiac care, alleviating pressure on PIC.

While acknowledging that the project will take time to reach completion, he affirmed its potential to become a vital healthcare facility. Additionally, he disclosed plans to relocate the trauma center to Jinnah Hospital and upgrade it to a state-of-the-art facility.

Earlier, in the meeting at Jinnah Hospital, the decision was reached to construct a cardiac hospital in lieu of the initially planned trauma center. He issued directives for expeditious resolution of all matters pertaining to the heart hospital. A 7-member committee, led by Prof. Dr. Farqad Alamgir, has been formed to oversee the project.

Moreover, the CM in a statement said that every segment of the society must play its role to deal with the challenge of poliovirus. “Poliovirus has been defeated globally, but it still exists in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is a matter of concern,” he said, adding: “It is the primary duty of every Pakistani to make the country free from poliovirus.”

The CM also saluted the polio workers and organizations working against the poliovirus and said that this virus could be controlled with joint efforts so that future generations could be saved from this disease. We pledged to eradicate this disease from roots, he added.

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Parvez Oct 25, 2023 06:53pm
This is what is what is known as being economical with the truth....but then this gentleman's credibility is highly suspect.
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muhammad arif Oct 26, 2023 02:41am
Caretaker provincial and federal government is doing everything except for what is their mandate.
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