ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday reiterated his resolve that he would not back down even an inch from the quest of Haqeeqi Azadi, urging the nation not to give up, as this time of trial will end because whenever the election will be held, the only destiny of this unelected predatory group and their facilitators is defeat.

In his message to the nation from jail, he said: “Regardless of what prison they keep me in, whatever conditions they impose upon me, I will not back down even an inch from the quest of Haqeeqi Azadi, for the upholding of the rule of law and the Constitution of Pakistan, at the core of which is free and fair elections.”

“Those suggesting that I leave the country, know that I will live and die in Pakistan, and I will not leave my land to go anywhere,” he added.

Talking about the cipher case, he stated that the bogus case was designed to protect former Army Chief General Bajwa and Donald Lu.

“I was the elected Prime Minister of the country. Treason was committed against me and my government by General Bajwa, instead of investigating the foreign conspiracy in orchestrating a regime change, a case has been filed against me for informing the people of Pakistan, the real protectors of this country, about this treason,” he added.

“When I was illegally incarcerated in Attock Jail, the first few days were particularly challenging. I wasn’t provided a bed and had to sleep on the floor and had insects and mosquitoes all over me. But with time I have adjusted well to the prison conditions.”

However, he said that let it be known that there’s a world of difference between the Imran Khan of today and the one who was imprisoned on August 5, as today, I am stronger and fitter; spiritually, mentally, and physically than ever before.

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