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PESHAWAR: A two-day training workshop to educate the officers of Bank of Khyber about the social rights of special persons and how to deal with financial and banking issues has concluded in Peshawar.

The workshop was organized under the auspices of the Friends of Paraplegics, a local non-governmental organization in collaboration with Paraplegic Centre Peshawar, an autonomous body of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The purpose of this prestigious event organized in Hayatabad Peshawar was to inform the heads and officers of selected branches of Bank of Khyber from all over the country about the recently formulated policy of the provincial government regarding special persons and the affairs and problems of the State Bank of Pakistan, Public Works Departments.

The participants of the workshop were briefed on different types of disabilities and assistive devices. They were trained in sign language, various disorders of disability, physical access to bank premises, handling and handling the needs of public works departments and recruitment of persons with disabilities in the departments as per prescribed employment quota. They were also given practical training on how to respectfully accommodate disabled persons in government departments and informed about banking products and services.

The workshop was designed by an expert team of various physical rehabilitation professionals working at the Paraplegic Centre, a comprehensive medical center for physical and psychological rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries in Pakistan. In the workshop, disabled workers engaged in wheelchairs of Friends of Paraplegics and renowned academicians from Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar (IMS) gave lectures while eight selected branches of Bank of Khyber located in major cities of all provinces. The officials also participated.

The objective of this training is to help the participants to reduce the environmental and cultural barriers faced by people with different types of physical, mental and emotional disabilities, to ensure their active mobility, to remove various social misunderstandings or taboos and to help all types of people. It is noteworthy that 15 to 20 percent of people worldwide have some form of disability, requiring physical or psychological support to work to their full potential and contribute to relevant economic activities.

According to the latest reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), one percent of the world’s population needs to be provided with hundreds of other assistive devices, including computer programs and various electronic gadgets, in addition to wheelchairs for their transportation to improve their daily life activities.

At the end of the workshop, Chief Executive of Paraplegic Centre Peshawar, Dr. Syed Mohammad Ilyas said that organizing such a positive thinking workshop on financial empowerment of disabled people is not only in Pakistan. It is a good omen for the government departments, but it will also significantly increase the economic development of the country. “It is truly an extraordinary achievement to organize such an unprecedented workshop,” he concluded.

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