ISLAMABAD: The devastating floods triggered by monsoon rains have continued playing havoc across the country as in the past 24 hours, 11 people lost their lives taking the nationwide tally to 168 and injuring five more people taking the nationwide toll to 254 since June 26.

According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) over the past 24 hours, five people died in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, three in Balochistan, two in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), and one in Sindh. The NDMA said two people sustained injuries owing to rain-related incidents in KPK, one apiece in Punjab, Sindh, and AJK.

In the past 24 hours, a total of 627 houses were damaged owing to the overflowing of rivers and streams across the country of which 98 houses were fully destroyed and 529 were partially damaged.

In Sindh province, 342 houses were damaged in the past 24 hours, of which 18 were fully destroyed and 324 partially. In Balochistan, 280 houses were damaged of which 80 were fully destroyed and 200 were partially damaged. In KPK, three houses were partially damaged and one house apiece was damaged in the AJK and Punjab. The floods have also killed 44 livestock in the past 24 hours, of which, 25 in the Punjab, 16 in Sindh, and three in Balochistan.

The NDMA has warned of about urban flooding and landslides during the current weekend days as well as next week as torrential rains coupled with severe weather conditions have wreaked havoc across several parts of the country, resulting in the loss of at least 168 lives, injuring 254, killing 374 livestock, damaging 1,270 houses and damage to infrastructure across the country especially in AJK, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan (G-B) and the KPK. According to the NDMA daily situation report owing to the various rain-related incidents, at least, 1,270 houses are also damaged, of which, 1,067 were partially and 203 were fully destroyed.

According to the NDMA’s data, the majority of the deaths are reported in Punjab and mainly caused by electrocution and building collapse. In Punjab, a total of 67 people including 30 men, 11 women, and 26 children have lost their lives, while another 158 people including 70 men, 49 women, and 39 children have sustained injuries. Moreover, 78 houses are also damaged in Punjab and three livestock lost.

In KPK, 46 people including nine men, eight women, and 29 children have lost their lives. In KPK, 60 people including 17 men, 15 women, and 28 children have been injured. A total of 299 houses, of which, 251 were partially and 48 were totally destroyed in KPK as well as 125 livestock killed.

In Sindh province, 21 people including eight men, three women, and 10 children died owing to rain-related incidents. The NDMA, so far reported 10 injuries from Sindh, of which, five men, four women and one child. According to official data, 213 livestock losses are reported from Sindh province, wherein, a total of 342 houses are damaged of which 18 fully and 324 partially.

In Balochistan province, a total of 10 people including six men, two women and two children lost their lives, wherein, 13 people including five men, two women, and six children sustained injuries. Moreover, 302 houses are also damaged in Balochistan, of which, 86 were fully and 216 were partially and two livestock were also killed by floodwaters.

In Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), 11 men have lost their lives owing to the floodwaters and five men sustained injuries, no house has been damaged in Islamabad and no cattle loss is reported from the federal capital.

In G-B region floodwaters have killed five people including one man, three women and one child, while two men sustained injuries in G-B region, wherein, a total 22 houses are also damaged of which eight fully and 14 partially. Moreover, 15 livestock losses are also reported in the G-B region.

The authorities have reported eight deaths in the AJK region, including three men, four women and one child. In AJK, six people including two men and four women also sustained injuries. Some 227 houses are also damaged in the AJK of which 40 fully and 187 partially while floodwaters have killed 16 cattle in the AJK region.

The NDMA said that heavy rains might increase the flow of water in rivers, therefore, rains and flooding were likely to inundate low-lying areas. The NDMA, this Monday, issued instructions to the concerned institutions and said they should continue to monitor the release of water in rivers from Indian dams. The Tarbela and Mangla have filled more than 70 percent of their capacity. On the other hand, the flow of water in river Sutlej at Ganda Singh is 60,138 cusecs while in river Ravi there is a low-level flood at Head baloki, the inflow of water at Head baloki is 67,845 while the outflow is 42,445 cusecs.

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