Pakistan Print 2023-07-23

PDM govt only opens floodgate of inflation: PTI

  • PTI leader says the fascist govt drowned the inflation-ridden and poverty-stricken masses in the storm of inflation
Published July 23, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan on Saturday said that this PDM fascist government opened a floodgate of inflation because they did nothing for the masses rather than filling up their coffers, making life of the countrymen a miserable.

In a statement issued here, he lashed out at the PDM government for its flawed policies and self-centered approach and said that the cabal of crooks gifted the nation back-breaking inflation and rampant unemployment.

He said that the fascist government drowned the inflation-ridden and poverty-stricken masses in the storm of inflation after the departure of PTI government.

He said that the gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact that flour jacked up from Rs 60 to Rs 170 per kg, sugar went from Rs 85 to Rs 150 per kg.

Similarly, he compared that the petrol price surged from Rs 150 per liter to Rs 255 per liter, dollar reached to 290 from 170.

He went on to say that the electricity per unit rate went up to Rs 50 from Rs 16 per unit during PTI government and said that in a few days it would be jumped to Rs 58 per unit.

In addition, PTI SG revealed that the interest rate witnessed an alarming upsurge, which was increased from 8% to 22%.

He said that the PDM ruling clique compounded the miseries of the people manifolds because they were little bothered about the state and public interests.

He stated that they were busy in minting money due to which they plunged the country into the worst crises of its history.

PTI SG said that the PDM self-centered group sent their money abroad because they just focus on crushing PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PTI, as they made no decision to safeguard and protect the interest of the state.

However, Omar offered a practical and lasting solution to the current crises of the country and said that the general elections was around the corners; therefore, the people should vote the PTI in order to rid the country of these corrupt clique.

He appealed that the people should vote PTI candidates in all their respective constituencies so as to elect Imran Khan again as a prime minister of Pakistan because only he could guide the country out of the prevailing quagmire of problems.


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Pakistani1 Jul 23, 2023 07:01pm
Individuals who have become leaders just because they were born in powerful families make statements just to be in news.
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Pakistani1 Jul 23, 2023 07:02pm
Scratching my head to recall any contribution made by him or his family to help prosper Pakistan.
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Pakistani1 Jul 23, 2023 07:03pm
Grand child of the person who permanently put Pakistan in grip of military rule makes statements just to be in news.
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