Karachi mayor Murtuza Wahab Siddiqui is said to have identified over 270 illegal connections to an 84-dia inch water pipeline in this city of teeming millions.

No doubt these connections constitute massive water theft by unscrupulous people who have been depriving the residents of Karachi their share of water on the one hand, and minting money through sale of water on the other.

Needless to say, water is the most essential necessity of life. Hence the need for taking all the required steps to stop water theft.

Not only is the Karachi mayor, therefore, required to take the toughest possible steps against water thieves, he must also strive to come up with a legislation in order to overcome the challenge of water theft or pilferage in an effective and meaningful manner.

He must not lose sight of the fact that ensuring judicious provision and distribution of water in Karachi is his foremost duty or responsibility. He must therefore show no complacency in this regard.

Hamid Ansari, Karachi

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