ISLAMABAD: To mark the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Russia, the foreign ministers of the two countries on Monday reaffirmed their mutual desire to strengthen partnership in bilateral as well as multilateral domains and mutually beneficial relations in politics, security, economy, education and other areas.

The two foreign ministers – Sergey Lavrov of Russia and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari of Pakistan – released congratulatory video messages separately to each other’s people on the eve of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“Dear citizens of Pakistan! I am glad to congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries. We know about the great interest and respect that the Pakistani people entertain towards Russia and President Vladimir Putin. We appreciate it very much,” Foreign Minister Lavrov said in the video message.

He pointed out by saying that over the past three quarters of a century, there have been different periods in the relations between the two countries. However, Russia has always been interested in expanding cooperation with Pakistan, and under no circumstances has abandoned its commitments, he added.

He stated that the participation of Soviet specialists in the construction of the largest steel mill in Karachi (now called Pakistan Steel Mills) in the 1980s, despite the conflict raging in Afghanistan at the time, “is clear evidence of this.”

The Guddu Thermal Power Plant, then the largest in your country, was also commissioned at that time, he added.

“Nowadays, our relations are advanced and based on trust. They are founded on the concurrence or proximity of approaches to the key issues of the international agenda. Together with our Pakistani partners, we stand for shaping a more just and democratic multipolar world order,” Lavrov said.

He added: “We respect the cultural and civilizational diversity of peoples and their right to determine the avenues of their political, social and economic development themselves.”

“I would like to note that Russia's vision of the world order and our understanding of traditional moral values is in harmony with the principles of faith, unity and discipline formulated by the Father of the Pakistani people Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is on these pillars that the statehood of modern Pakistan is based,” he added.

He said that Russia attaches great importance to further constructive cooperation with Pakistan in international fora.

“We highly appreciate Pakistan's contribution to the activities of the United Nations and its specialized agencies. We welcome Islamabad's active involvement in joint work within the SCO as a full member of this Organization, which plays an important role in establishing multilateral cooperation in Greater Eurasia. We consider the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to be a key international partner in the joint efforts to combat common security challenges and threats, including trans-border crime and terrorism,” he added.

He said that it is encouraging that over the recent years, the two countries have succeeded in making “significant progress” in bilateral trade. He said that Russia has become a major supplier of wheat to Pakistan, with shipments exceeding one million tons last year. Negotiations on launching a cooperation project in the oil sector are at their final stage.

“We are willing to work together on further engagement of our countries and peoples, strengthening mutually beneficial relations in politics, security, economy, education, in cultural and humanitarian fields as well as in other areas,” he stated.

“Pakistan-Roosi dosti zindabad! [Long live the friendship between Russia and Pakistan!],” he concluded.

In his message to the Russian people on the occasion, Foreign Minister Bilawal reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to strengthen partnership with Russia in bilateral as well as multilateral domains to continue dialogue, high-level interactions and mutually-beneficial cooperation.

“On this milestone anniversary, my vision is to take endeavours for full realization of the potential of our multi-dimensional collaboration. I am confident that the 2023 will mark a watershed moment in our bilateral ties and will open further avenues for collaboration between the two countries in all walks of life,” he said.

Bilawal started his message with his “deep” appreciation to the “personal” efforts of the Russian leadership, particularly President Putin in supporting and promoting and expanding the Pakistan-Russia friendship.

“Our two nations have a long way since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1948. Over these long decades, our bilateral ties have evolved, as we have deepened understanding of each other’s perspectives and priorities,” he hoped.

Bilawal pointed out that his two meetings with the Russian foreign minister in late January during his maiden visit to Moscow this year and in May on the sidelines of the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers in Goa, India, “is tantamount to the priority we place on our relations with Russia.”

He said that Pakistan and Russia collaborate on a range of issues of common interest, including regional peace and stability, economic and energy cooperation, and people-to-people contacts in the spirit of goodwill and mutual trust.

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test Jun 13, 2023 06:32pm
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