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Blome briefed about IMF’s ambivalence

  • US Ambassador Donald Blome and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar discuss matters of mutual interest and enhancing bilateral relations
Published May 27, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of the United States of America (USA) to Pakistan Donald Blome Friday called on Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar and discussed matters of mutual interest and enhancing the existing bilateral relations between both countries.

Ishaq Dar welcomed Donald Blome and shared deep-rooted historic and durable bilateral relations with the United States on economic and trade fronts, said a press release issued here.

He shared economic policies and priorities of the government to address the challenging economic environment and set the economy to stability and growth.

US’ Blome briefed about constant IMF procrastination

He informed Ambassador Blome about the government’s pragmatic plans related to revenues and expenditures for meeting its national as well as international financial obligations.

The finance minister shared various economic avenues in which both countries can further deepen their economic relations.

He also informed the envoy about the ongoing IMF programme and assured the dedication of the government to complete it.

Ambassador Donald Blome underscored that both countries enjoy good relations and expressed confidence in the policies and programmes of the government for economic sustainability and socio-economic uplift of the masses.

He extended his support to further promote bilateral economic, investment and trade relations between both countries.

Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar thanked the US Ambassador and reiterated the desire of the government to further deepen bilateral trade and investment ties with the USA.


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Syed Tanwir Hasan May 27, 2023 07:34am
Pakistan needs US intervention to help in early World Bank programme as well as direct US aid in this turbulent time. After all it was US that sustained Pakistan throughout past decades to sustain.
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TimetoMoVVeOn May 27, 2023 07:54am
Stop begging everyone to give you a loan and stand proud financially on your own feet like India
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Yousaf Hyat May 27, 2023 09:39am
Hope Excellency Bloom convinces our Government of Pakistan to get assistance in basic agriculture and irrigation. USA is a giant in agriculture. Instead of begging for cash and weapons please beg for high quality potato seed , small size implements , inexpensive fertilizer, packaging and storage facilities. The debt hole we are in is just too deep to crawl out anytime soon. Best fix is to completely stop borrowing till old debts are paid off … maybe “ in the year 2525”!
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Yousaf Hyat May 27, 2023 09:40am
@TimetoMoVVeOn, India did it’s own share of begging too, it’s a matter of time..
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Zahid Gul May 27, 2023 10:41am
I suggest government to take steps to reduce imports burden by introducing bicycles instead of bikes and motor cars stop tea imports for two years and all unnecessary items ban import of all kinds of cars. Take back all kinds of luxurious cars from all government servants,judges generals and ministers and give them Suzuki cars for use in this way we can save a big chunk of foreign currency and trade deficit will be nill InshaAllah
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John May 27, 2023 11:59am
Blome Briefed Briefly about Brief?
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Joe May 27, 2023 12:02pm
Briefed about PRs 350 going to PRs 500!
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Tulukan Mairandi May 27, 2023 12:06pm
Why doesn't Wang Yi or Xi Jiping get briefings to influence IMF?
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Joe May 27, 2023 12:12pm
Dar Briefed Blome about the definition of apolitical!
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Jani Walker May 27, 2023 01:39pm
Blome gets his weekly dose of lies. All US envoys are given special training to digest this disgusting servile blabbering with a smile and carry on as usual.
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Aamir Latif May 27, 2023 01:58pm
Why smiling photo sessions when all this IMF program stagnancy is courtesy of US non support, may be some hidden agenda to capitalize status quo of Pakistan neck in the debt trap????????? Prepare Pakistan on war footing to survive... Come out with a plan..???
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test May 27, 2023 02:00pm
@Zahid Gul, Well said! but who will implement ? Elite class never sees below its nose.
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Mujib May 27, 2023 11:28pm
@test, Indeed dreaming is free.
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Love Your Country May 28, 2023 02:34am
To deal with China, Iran and the US at the same time is a very tricky situation.
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