WASHINGTON: The United States called Thursday on Pakistan to move ahead on stalled reforms sought by the IMF, promising technical help as the world’s fifth most populous nation weathers an economic crisis.

Pakistan signed a $6.5 billion bailout package with the International Monetary Fund in 2019 but less than half has been released as the country reneges on conditions.

“The reform(s) that Pakistan and the IMF agreed to are not easy, but it’s crucial that Pakistan take these actions to bring the country back to sound financial footing, avoid falling into further debt and grow Pakistan’s economy,” said Elizabeth Horst, the State Department official in charge of Pakistan.

All conditions for IMF staff-level agreement met: Dar

“The United States is going to continue to support Pakistan through technical engagements and assistance, particularly when it comes to encouraging Pakistan to enact policies that promote an open and fair and transparent business climate,” she said at the Wilson Center think tank.

The International Monetary Fund wants Pakistan to boost its pitifully low tax base, end tax exemptions for the export sector and raise artificially low petrol, electricity and gas prices meant to help low-income families.

The United States is the largest contributor to the IMF and has a complicated relationship with Pakistan, a partner during the Cold War and “war on terror” that nonetheless maintained ties with Afghanistan’s Taliban.


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Haq Apr 28, 2023 08:45am
It's never ending soap opera... An opportunity to quit IMF & US$ (sinking ship) trade, switch to Gold / Yuan & revive our own economy, agriculture, industry
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Love Your Country Apr 28, 2023 09:36am
Can't trust IMF and the US.
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Muhammad Ali Apr 28, 2023 09:42am
Beggars have no choice & why should world help us when we don't want to help ourselves. Rule of Law is the most important pre-condition to embark on progress but our Global Justice Rank of 139 of 145 shows the actual miserable situation.
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Akhtar Ahmad Apr 28, 2023 11:17am
What are those stalled reforms?
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Shahbaz Ali Apr 28, 2023 11:35am
Real problem is shortage of forex. Pakistanis don't produce anything worth selling to outside world except cheap clothing which a lot of other countries also produce. Unless we get out of habit of laziness, easy life and start producing some high value things, we will remain beggars.
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Tulukan Mairandi Apr 28, 2023 12:24pm
Nobody sides with Pakistan. Not US, not Iron Brother (who does lip service only), not sisterly Saudi. Nobody. A total gone case, soon to default and balkanize country.
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Mian Nawaz Sharif-Shit Apr 28, 2023 01:56pm
Indian trolls rejoicing at my little brothers stalling of required reforms. Reforms will make us lose our vote bank. But, we shall overcome (I think and dream of this).
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Bilal Arshad Deo Apr 28, 2023 04:15pm
@Muhammad Ali, Justice is only for free people. Not slaves of some élite, mafia and gang ruling the nation. Why a common man should bear a burden of billions salaries, petrol, free tickets, free housing, free medical treatments and full & free opportunities of corruption. So let's not borrow just cut your expenses IMF should not provide any penny
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test Apr 28, 2023 08:14pm
The people and govt must stand with China because China is the only country in the world which will move its factories and manufacturing facilities to Pakistan. 1-Japan has been selling cars to Pakistan for so many decades but there is not a single manufacturing facility in Pakistan not a single manufacturing facility. 2-US and Europe has been selling their products to Pakistan for so many decades but there is not a single manufacturing facility in Pakistan not a single manufacturing facility. 3-The only factories and manufacturing facilities which are in Pakistan are Chinese one. China is the country which will always come to Pakistan's help when all other deny help. Help is not dollars or saying good things. Help is industry because industry lift economy and also lifts people out of poverty. Dollars are just piece of paper while industry is the foundation of an economy. Currencies can and may lose values but industries will never lose values and instead proved to be engine of growth.
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test1 Apr 28, 2023 08:17pm
We were are and will always stand with China no matter what. We all know who launched Imran when CPEC was making progresses during Nawaz Sharif's tenure and it is not a hidden true and the result is what you are seeing now and we also know that Imran's political career was ended because none of his promise fulfilled but then some western puppet in Pakistan were good at playing chess.
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HashBrown® Apr 28, 2023 10:40pm
@Tulukan randi, "A total gone case, soon to default and balkanize country." Relax behta, we'll recover - and even at our weakest we're still able to slap you down at the border. So focus on building some toilets for your people and don't worry about Pakistan.
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Truthisbitter813 Apr 29, 2023 10:52am
Moving the goalposts as always, oh what a wonderful world the US dollar dominance has brought to the developing world. /sarcasm
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 02:45pm
@Haq, I like the part where Pakistan isnt the sunken ship but the IMF and US$ are, no wonder the country has such a state of affairs. Kudos mate.
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 02:48pm
@Love Your Country , yeah, they can only be trusted when they hand the money over, otherwise they’re just evil, Pakistan isn’t evil, those that lend support are. What a sorry state of affairs sadly. Very sad to see people still holding on to nationalistic BS when it has essentially been kept afloat with handouts for well over 4 decades, rather than grow out of your misery and learn to be self reliant, you wee wee on the hand that has essentially been feeding you.
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 03:04pm
@Shahbaz Ali, more so than the shortage of forex is the constant reliance on outside support and reliance on God because of course we are the chosen people, we can’t keep our houses and streets clean or drive in a sane manner but we are the chosen people and God will take care of us.
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 03:11pm
@Bilal Arshad Deo, why? Because everyone’s fine with it, you’ll protest and make the lives of other ordinary citizens more miserable but you won’t dare protest to the ticks on uniforms, you won’t protest over the corrupt judges that instilled to provide justice, you will never protest over the blood sucking leeches, you will never protest outside their houses, you can only make each others lives miserable while bickering over petty divisive politics that has spectacularly isolated the country. Heck, you won’t 5 people to agree what Islam is in the country, which is hilarious.
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 03:22pm
@HashBrown®, don’t worry slapping down others at the border while the people in this country starve and lack access to the very basics of utilities . Those blaming others and “outside forces” for the petty state of affairs of the country need to really take some time and reflect, and perhaps read a book or 3 on why this nation had been living from handout to handout for 4 decades, why the politicians and the folk in uniforms have gotten richer and the masses poorer, But you live in your own nationalistic bubble or corruption I am sure God will help.
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Hilarious Apr 29, 2023 03:31pm
@Truthisbitter813, well, nations far younger than ours are far more advanced than us, you have to wonder at some point that maybe it’s not the system but the country, every leader you get, uniformed or in a suit leaves far more richer while the country is far more poorer. All the while people are divided along the lines of national identities and religious fanaticism, every ones seems to have a solution while slowly falling deeper into a hole of intolerance, deceit and corruption. While the people lack the very basics of utilities, you have folk in uniforms running conglomerates subsidized by the people. There’s a reason India is a manufacturing powerhouse and we can’t produce the very basics in an economically viable manner, and it’s got to do with corruption, but no one will do anything about it because they’re corrupt in their own rights too. It’s one large circle jerk. But yeah nationalism won’t feed you, the nukes won’t feed you or power your homes, be rational
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Sunehra Lund Apr 29, 2023 03:52pm
@HashBrown®, " even at our weakest we're still able to slap you down at the border" Yeah, like you did in 1965, 1971, Kargil etc. Say hello to Bangladesh which was born of your little sissy "slap"
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Haseeb Apr 30, 2023 06:10pm
@Haq, you can do this once you've had considerable Forex in either dollar or another stable currency form. Inflows are all time low. Switching to other means at the moment would simply add another variable to the current state of crisis.
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M Imran May 01, 2023 03:12am
@Shahbaz Ali, dear bro our elite is completely brainless that's why we can not do big our elite just wants to be Aqqa. They never appreciate ideas, accept changes and do some extraordinary
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Javed May 02, 2023 11:19am
@hash brown, a slap brought down Pak's Atlantique plane. The Atlantique Incident represented an event in which the Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistan Navy plane, Breguet Atlantique, carrying sixteen people on board, citing violation of airspace. The episode took place in the Rann of Kutch on August 10, 1999, just a month after the Kargil War, creating a tense atmosphere between India and Pakistan.
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