Inflation in country has reached its peak, says PM Shehbaz

  • Premier says the previous govt brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy
Published September 14, 2022

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said Wednesday that inflation in the country was "at its peak," adding that the government was making efforts to provide relief to the people in flood-hit areas, Aaj News reported.

Addressing the Lawyer's convention in Islamabad, he said the last government brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy with its flawed economic policy.

The premier said the government was making a plan to cope with the growing need for gas, considering the upcoming winter season.

He blamed the previous government for not making timely decisions regarding the purchase of gas. "Previous government failed to sign a gas purchase agreement when it was available at 3 cents per MMBTU comparing the current 40 cents per MMBTU," he said.

August's inflation reading in Pakistan hits 27.3%, highest in over 47 years

During his address, he also urged the country's influential and wealthy classes, to play their role to change the nation’s fate.

“Where does Pakistan stand today despite the passage of 75 years?" he asked.

"We are moving in a circle all the time. This is now or never.”

He said the nation wanted to know why Muhammad Ali Jinnah's dreams remained unfulfilled as millions of people were faced with poverty across the country.

Mentioning the massive destruction caused by the floods, the prime minister said hundreds of thousands of the flood-stricken people were about to brave the upcoming harsh cold winters and 0.6 million pregnant women were also compelled to stay in tents.

More rains likely in some flood-hit areas

He said the flood water was still causing destruction in Balochistan. “If we make a resolve, Pakistan will emerge a great country. It will not come through speeches, but rather through will and action,” the prime minister remarked.

Earlier, the prime minister distributed allotment letters among the senior lawyers for residential plots and carried out balloting of plots among the federal government employees.

PM Shehbaz said that those who had got the allotment letters for their residential plots should never forget the flood-stricken people who had lost their dear ones as well as their houses.

He said the housing project for the lawyers’ community had been facing a delay, adding that the incumbent government would ensure its early completion.

Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar, Housing Minister Maulana Abdul Wasay, and President of Supreme Court Bar Association Ahsan Bhoon also addressed the Convention.

On the occasion, Pakistan Bar Council announced the donation of five million rupees to the Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund.


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reached it's peak ? Is that a consolation ?
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Humayun Pervez Sep 15, 2022 05:23am
Admitting People have been destroyed by floods, inflation is at its peak (not sure how so called PM is sure about that), and the great gesture of distributing plots among SCBA lawyers ... wow, what a great gesture. And bravo to our brave lawyers of SCBA for attending this ceremony, en masse. This is totally halal and it is an auspicious ceremony because the plots are being distributed amoung them.
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