A Pakistan internet service provider (ISP), StormFiber, was the target of a hacking on Wednesday with the company attributing the breach to "WordPress vulnerability".

The official website showed an Indian flag along with a thank-you note for the Indian Armed Forces.

"Thank you to all the brave fighters who sacrificed lives to make us one of the greatest and proudest nations in the world," read the note.

A Twitter user shared the screenshot of the StormFiber website earlier in the day.

Danish Lakhani, the CEO of StormFiber's parent company Cybernet, said the company has a strong back-up system across all major cities, assuring that no data-breach occurred.

“(We have) several backups in different cities,” Lakhani said via text message to Business Recorder. “We don’t store (bank) card numbers. No breach, just the home page changed (by the hackers).

“That's why every time one has to re-enter card numbers when making payment. This is a pain but to prevent data theft in situations such as above, we don't store information.

“We will store tokens in the future [these mask the card numbers so much more secure],” Lakhani added.

He said that StormFiber was already developing a new website, which would be deployed next month.

“An entire new website was already in development to be deployed next month. They'll (StormFiber officials) get it up soon after sanitising it,” Lakhani said.

He said the website was hacked due to "WordPress vulnerability".


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