BEIJING: Hainan Airlines charter passenger plane carrying 163 Pakistani businessmen has landed at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, it has opened a new channel for China-Pakistan trade against the backdrop of the epidemic.

Li Yiman, General Manager of Zhejiang Eman Supply Chain Management Company, and Pakistan’s Honorable Investment Councillor, said that this charter flight provides great convenience for Pakistani businessmen returning to Yiwu.

‘The air tickets were provided at cost price, and the quarantine accommodation expenses after landing were all covered by the obligatory government. Moreover, the direct flight to Hangzhou and Yiwu greatly reduces the quarantine time,” China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

KK Afridi, head of the proposed Yiwu Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, which is applying for registration, has lived in Yiwu for 15 years and made a lot of efforts for the coordination of this charter flight.

He termed this charter flight a historical friendly flight and highlighted that, “customers from Pakistan are thrilled to have easy access to cheap tickets to maintain their business in China, especially in Yiwu market, and again to plan for the future. I hope the Yiwu government can do more for our Pakistani brothers in the future.” Pakistani businessmen who took this charter flight to Yiwu have expressed their love and expectation for Yiwu.

They said that Yiwu market is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, attracting dealers from all over the world, providing an important stage for Pakistani products to China and the rest of the world. They also came to expand exports for Pakistan using Yiwu as an international trade hub.

“Yiwu is my second hometown. I am really grateful to the Yiwu municipal government and Zhejiang Eman Logistics for arranging this charter flight. I will work harder and contribute to the economic and trade cooperation between China and Pakistan” Asif, a Pakistani businessman who had just landed by a chartered plane from Islamabad to Yiwu, said with great excitement.

It is learned that Yiwu will continue to organize business charter flights to assist foreign businessmen to return to Yiwu and promote international trade.


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