ISLAMABAD: The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan increased by 1.86 million from 113.89 million by end-May 2022 to 115.75 million by the end of June 2022, says the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The number of cellular subscribers in Pakistan increased by 1.32 million to 194.58 million by end-June 2022 compared to 193.29 million by end-May 2022.

The teledensity for cellular mobile increased from 87.8 percent by end May to 88.34 percent by end June. The total teledensity increased from 88.94 percent by end May to 89.53 percent by end June 2022.

The Monthly Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration increased from 51.73 percent by end-May 2022 to 52.55 percent in June 2022.

Jazz’s total count for 3G users declined from 6.068 million by end May to 5.947 million by end June, registering a decrease of 0.121 million. Jazz 4G user numbers jumped from 37.168 million by end May to 38.039 million by end June.

Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 3.272 million by end May to 3.197 million by end June, while the number of 4G users increased from 28.317 million by end May to 28.906 million by end June.

Telenor 3G subscribers decreased from 3.613 million by end May to 3.542 million by end June, while the number of 4G users of Telenor increased from 21.496 million by end May to 21.831 million by end June.

Ufone 3G users stood at 3.509 million by end June compared to 3.576 million by end May. The number of 4G users of Ufone increased from 9.052 million by end May to 9.419 million by end June, registering 0.367 million increase during the period under review.

The PTA received 20,191 complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom operators, including (cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators, and ISPs) as of June 2022. The PTA said it was able to get 19,847 complaints resolved i.e. 98 percent.

Cellular mobile subscribers constitute a major part of the overall telecom subscriber base. Therefore, the maximum number of complaints belongs to this segment. The total number of complaints against CMOs by June stood at 19,496 where 19,215 were addressed i.e. 98 percent.

According to the PTA data, 7,191 complaints were received against Jazz, 6,135 against Telenor, 4,427 against Zong and 1,735 complaints were received against Ufone. The PTA also received 176 complaints against basic telephony, where 160 were addressed during June 2022. Furthermore, 499 complaints were received against ISPs, where 453 were addressed.

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