ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has accused the previous government of being responsible for the loadshedding in the country as it had not procured gas when its price was at the lowest level.

Addressing a meeting on loadshedding, the prime minister said that the previous government had not done long-term gas agreement when its prices were at $5 but was responsible for the delay in the maintenance of the power plants.

Additionally, the prime minister said the situation was further accelerated by fuel prices which were at decades’ highest level.

The prime minister said that gas has also become very expensive in the international market and producing electricity by expensive imported fuel whether gas, coal or oil would have a serious impact on foreign exchange reserves, therefore, the government is trying to search for the best options to reduce the loadshedding in the country.

PM seeks plan to reduce electricity load-shedding within 24hrs

There was an opportunity for the previous government to purchase gas but it was not done, and if they had purchased gas this situation would not have been so bad and the country would not have been facing a gas and power crisis at this point in time.

The prime minister said that the present government invited tenders in the recent week but no one turned up or submitted bids. He said even gas tender if was received any was very expensive and the government decided not to buy expensive gas.

“We are also handing revolving account for Chinese companies which were not opened by the previous government, he said, adding that the government is also trying to make the power plants operational as soon as possible.

He said that these were the genuine challenges the present government had to face soon after coming to power but expressed the resolve to address them to reduce the load shedding in the country.

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