MULTAN: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday said the opposition was a bunch of frustrated and rejected politicians who were pursuing politics of Chaos.

“Repeated attempts to topple the government since 2018 have been made but the Opposition remained fail,” the foreign minister stated while addressing different ceremonies in union councils 434,756 of NA 156, here.

“If the Opposition had enough votes, it would be in the government. As the opposition do not have enough votes, so it is looking towards left and right.” The opposition would face failure in no-confidence motion, maintained Qureshi. He suggested the opposition to accept the fact that people had rejected it in Elections 2018.

He mentioned that “if the people had reposed trust in opposition in 2018, then it would be in government today.”

Qureshi also claimed that PTI would secure victory in general elections of 2023 on the basis of its performance.

About progress, the foreign minister maintained that country was moving in the right direction. The government was striving for the development and prosperity of the country with the right intention, sincerity and honesty. He said both the parties including PML-N and PPP enjoyed power for 40 years and remain deceiving the people by doing politics of friendly opposition for each other. The people had rejected both the parties in Elections 2018.

“Now, the masses have got an honest and patriotic leadership in the form of Prime Minister Imran Khan who is the center of people’s hopes. As the people know that Prime Minister Imran Khan has the ability to lead the country out of all crises,” said Qureshi.

The government was very much determined and waging struggle against looters, he said. Prime Minister Imran Khan, after coming into power, had promised to continue war against looters, Qureshi said and added that the PTI government would not give any NRO to corrupt elements.

He said the government wanted to make country economically stable.

“We want to make Pakistan an economic hub. Our focus is on geo-economic priorities. We want to make Pakistan a huge economic hub keeping in view our geographical position. For this we have introduced the concept of economic diplomacy. Economic diplomacy is not limited to imports and exports but it is a comprehensive concept. Our diplomats have to take responsibility for economic diplomacy. Only then will we succeed in making Pakistan a strong economic hub,” reiterated FM Qureshi.

About Inflation, the foreign minister observed that inflation was a big challenge not only in Pakistan but globally. The rising prices of different commodities and petroleum products were due to coronavirus. He informed that the government was taking steps to reduce burden on people by bringing down inflation. The positive results of the present government’s efforts would come to light soon, hoped Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

Earlier, the foreign minister spent a busy day in Multan. He visited various union councils of NA-156 and attended various receptions. He visited the residences of various deceased persons of the constituency where he offered Fateha.


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