ISLAMABAD: The government is committed to identifying those who were morally responsible for the Army Public School (APS) attack in coordination with all the institutions within four weeks.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry and Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed said in a joint media briefing outside the Supreme Court Wednesday.

Fawad said executive, judiciary and other law enforcement would help to carry out the investigation within four weeks.

He said commission report was also available on the APS attack.

Fawad further said that the prime minister could easily put the blame on the then PML-N government when the APS massacre happened.

PM Imran Khan’s presence in the Supreme Court showed that how far the prime minister can go for honouring the courts.

He maintained that all political parties setting their differences agreed on a National Action Plan, supported by the whole nation. He said intelligence failure happened all over the world like in APS and in 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He said that was the time when courts of law left taking verdicts and army courts had to be established.

“We had eliminated terrorism from the country and the credit for it goes to the army and the intelligence agencies,” he maintained.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the prime minister had described the whole situation to the judges and the court granted him four weeks for action. The prime minister has assured the court that whoever was responsible would be exposed within four weeks, the minister added.

While answering another question, the interior minister said he was ready to issue a passport to Nawaz Sharif if his return was in sight.

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