ISLAMABAD: Central Power Purchasing Agency Guaranteed (CPPA-G) has requested National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) to approve a refund of paisa 12.5 per unit for the consumers of Discos overcharged in May 2021 under FCA mechanism.

However, this benefit will not be provided to lifeline consumers, agriculture consumers and those domestic consumers who use upto 300 units in a month.

The Nepra’s Authority is scheduled to hold a public hearing on June 29, 2021 to finalise decision on the petition on the request of CPPA-G. According to the data submitted to Nepra, in May 2021, hydel generation recorded at 3,465.58GWh, which constituted 26.64 percent of total generation in the entire month. Power generation from coal-fired power plants was 2,618.97GWh (20.13 percent of total generation) at a rate of Rs7.83 per unit, whereas generation from HSD was recorded at 20.32GWh at Rs21.69 per unit. Generation from RFO was 771.5GWh (5.93 percent of total generation) at Rs 14.34 per unit.

Electricity generation from gas-based power plants was 1,454.39 GWh (11.18 percent) at Rs7.8506 per unit, RLNG- 2,828.55GWh (21.74 percent of total generation) at Rs 10 per unit, nuclear - 1,271.35GWh at Rs1.1388 per unit (9.77 percent of total generation), and electricity imported from Iran was 47.39GWh at Rs11.41276 per unit.

Power generation from different sources (mixed) was 16.39GWh at a price of Rs4.6467 per unit, generation from baggasse recorded at 45.45GWh at Rs5.9822 per unit.

The energy generated from wind was recorded at 403.21GWh, 3.10 per cent of total generation and solar at 66.54GWh, 0.51 percent of total generation in May 2021.

The total energy generated recorded at 13,009.51GWh, at a basket price of Rs5.7009 per unit. The total cost of energy was Rs 74.166 billion. CPPA-G also sought a reduction of Rs23 million in supplemental charges.

The sale to IPPs was also reduced by 19.28GWh, the price of which is Rs523 million while the reduction in transmission losses was recorded at 311.73GWh.

According to the CCPA-G data, net electricity delivered to Discos in May 2021 was 12,678.50GWh at a rate of Rs5.8067 per unit, total price of which was Rs73.620 billion.

CPPA-G in its tariff petition maintains that since the reference fuel charges for May 2021 were estimated at Rs5.9322 per unit whereas the actual fuel charges were Rs5.8067 per unit, hence a reduction of Paisa 12.55 per unit has been sought for the month May 2021.

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