ISLAMABAD: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan always focused on maintaining a cordial and decent relationship with all neighbouring states including China, Iran, Afghanistan, and a large diplomatic network across the world for sustainable economic growth and maintaining peace in the region.

As per international media reports, Pakistan enjoys a highly strategic geopolitical location, being situated at the corridor of major maritime as well as having geostrategic hotspots such as Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran as immediate neighbours.

"Of all China's neighbouring countries, China-Pakistan relations are the closest and friendliest as both countries have the healthiest relations."

There is a great saying in Chinese that has proved true time and again "the friendship of Pakistan and China is higher than Himalayans and deeper than oceans". Reports claimed that with the kick-off of Xin Jinping's proposal, the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", the relations of both countries have upgraded to a new level from high-level political and military relations, extending to the full range of contacts and comprehensive relations.

It is pertinent to mention here that the two countries had established diplomatic relations in 1951, making Pakistan one of the first Islamic countries as well as the second country in South Asia to establish diplomatic relations with China.

The two countries have remained strong allies ever since and the closeness of the relationship between the two countries can be seen from major bilateral interactions over the years.

The media reports said that this new phase in relations started in May 2013 with the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Pakistan and the official proposal of the concept of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor."

In April 2015, both countries signed 51 Memorandums of Understanding besides the inauguration of eight projects and the launching of five joint energy projects. Aside from the familiar infrastructure and energy projects, this new phase of relations between the two countries also included social, economic, technological, and even cultural cooperation.

Similarly, Pakistan and Iran have always had good ties, never been against each other, for being Muslim brotherly nations, and have always supported each other in every aspect, the report added.

Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan after independence and there is a renewed energy and growing positivity and desire to work together between the two countries. Iran remained a strong supporter of the Kashmir cause and it has openly voiced support for the innocent Kashmiris under brutal siege of Indian forces.

The level of relationship could be observed with the statements of Iranian high leadership, who has also repeatedly given statements in support of the people of Kashmir and condemned unjust Indian atrocities.

The media reports said that Iran and Pakistan are working together at an expert level to improve road and rail connectivity and the Pakistan-Iran border has been named "Border of Peace, Friendship and Love" by the leadership of both countries.

"Building close cooperative relations with Afghanistan is a high priority of Pakistan's foreign policy and a vital component of our vision of a "peaceful neighbourhood," media reports claimed while quoting senior Pakistani former diplomat.

He added Pakistan continued its efforts for forging a friendly and good-neighbourly relationship with Afghanistan, on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistan is also assisting Afghanistan in capacity building in many fields, he added.


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