imageIt is sometimes amazing to learn about the achievements of Pakistanis in different parts of the world. Our people are quietly pursuing excellence in their respective fields.

One such individual is Shoukat Dhanani, the 60 years old entrepreneur having his origins from Pakistan. He is the force behind Dhanani Groups, one of America largest private companies, reported Forbes in an interview with the media shy businessman.

Dhanani Group is USA’s third-largest restaurant franchise with 2015 revenues of $871 million, according to trade publication Franchise Times. The conglomerate consists of restaurants, convenience stores and gas delivery.

“If you add everything up, it would be over $2 billion,” said Dhanani.

Talking about his business roots, the entrepreneur favorably mentioned the teachings of his father Hassan Ali Dhanani, himself a gifted entrepreneur, the reason behind his success.

“He could smell the money everywhere, he saw opportunities and he guided us. He taught us business,” said Shaukat about his father, who passed away last year.

“In those days, co-branding fast food and convenience stores was just being talked about, and I thought it was a great idea,” Dhanani says. “It was just a corner dedicated to Burger King,” he added.

The business started back in 1976, with convenience stores, with Dhanani moving into restaurant franchising in 1994, with Burger King.

However, the private business owner is in no mood to go Wall Street, as he likes making his own decision. “I would never put up with that,” Dhanani says. “As an entrepreneur, I like the flexibility and the freedom of making my own decisions rather than wondering what Wall Street is going to think.”

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