KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi on Wednesday lashed out at the ruling PPP for failing to unclog the storm water drains in the city, as monsoon looms large.

With a clear demand, Munem Zafar, the JI Karachi Chief, asked the authorities to clear out the chocked drains in the city, saying that the monsoonal burst are expected to deluge the metropolis.

He observed that a short rainy spell left the city with muck and spewing sewage, saying that there is a need to streamline the city's unattended sewerage lines to protect the city from a dirty look and the public inconvenience during and after rains.

He feared that the rainy spells may deluge several parts of the city since the government stands unprepared to cope with the monsoon aftermath. "Funds for the drains cleaning have been released to the civic authorities in June but the job is still undone," Munem said.

The PPP government also decreased funds for the drains cleaning comparatively by Rs260 millions this fiscal year, he said and termed the budget reduction as "hostility" to the city by the PPP.

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