The Sardar Group of Companies has long been an innovator in Pakistan’s luxury real estate market. With the success of The Centaurus, they’ve proven their ability to create environments that combine elegance, convenience, and security. Their latest project, Taj Residencia, is set to become the premier destination for families seeking a higher standard of living in Islamabad.

Driven by a resolute commitment to excellence, the team behind Taj Residencia has meticulously planned a secure, gated community featuring villas ready for occupancy upon completion. This prime location, at the heart of the twin cities, grants residents effortless access to Islamabad, along with the Islamabad International Airport and the M1 and M2 motorways. This exceptional connectivity sets Taj Residencia apart from other luxury developments, placing you at the heart of it all.

At Taj Residencia, luxury extends beyond the four walls of your home. The Residencia’s 5 marla villas cater to individuals and families seeking upscale residential properties. The 3 and 4-bedroom villas come with customizable interiors—meaning you can personalize every detail of your space to reflect your unique style and preferences, creating a space that you can truly call your dream home.

Each villa boasts a fully equipped Italian kitchen, a spacious car porch, and the assurance of uninterrupted essential amenities like water and electricity. This is just the beginning of what Taj Residencia promises.

With 24/7 security, a mini golf course, and an on-site shopping mall, Taj Residencia offers not just a place to live, but a lifestyle upgrade, designed for those who seek a well-developed, secure, and luxurious living environment. The management team’s dedication to a streamlined experience ensures a high standard of living and excellent investment returns.

“As pioneers in the luxury residential market, we are dedicated to creating exceptional environments that combine peace, style, and world-class living standards. With Taj Residencia, we aim to offer a community that embodies royal luxury and meets the exclusive tastes of our discerning clientele,” Matt Cronje, COO Taj Residencia said about the project.

What sets Taj Residencia apart is its flexible and accommodating payment plan, making luxury living more attainable. Starting with a down payment of just PKR 2,500,000, you can benefit from a 5-year payment plan with monthly installments beginning at PKR 200,000. The plan’s customization options allow you to personalize your installment plan to align with your financial strategy, potentially shortening the payment term of 5 years.

This master plan feels like a sanctuary where every detail has been crafted to enhance your comfort, relaxation and invigorate your spirit. What Taj Residencia offers is beyond mere walls and ceilings; it offers you the space to create a true home—a place where you can unwind and savor every moment of life in style. The unwavering focus on meticulous planning and timely delivery ensures you can step into your dream home sooner rather than later.

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Mobile: 0345-6677885 Landline: 051-111 857 857 Location: Taj Residencia, Adjacent to CDA Sector I-14 Google Maps Link: Taj Residencia Instagram: @tajresidenciaofficial Website:

About Sardar Group of Companies

The Sardar Group of Companies, renowned as the futurists of royal luxury, proudly presents Taj Residencia Islamabad. As pioneers in Pakistan’s luxury residential market, they have set the bar high with their exceptional projects. Notably, their marvel, “The Centaurus,” a state-of-the-art super enterprise, redefines world-class living. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional environments of peace and style, the Sardar Group of Companies meticulously manages each project to completion, ensuring the preservation of their world-class standards. Committed to maintaining the highest standards throughout every project, they bring you Taj Residencia to match your exclusive taste in royal luxury.

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