Iran, Pakistan seek ways to complete gas pipeline project: Iranian official

  • We see political determination from Pakistan to complete the project, says Iran's Consul General to Pakistan
Published May 6, 2024

KARACHI: Iran and Pakistan are looking at ways to complete a long-delayed gas pipeline project between the two countries, Iran’s Consul General to Pakistan, Hassan Nourian, said on Monday.

“We see political determination from Pakistan to complete the project,” he told reporters in the southern city of Karachi.

The countries signed an agreement to construct the pipeline from Iran’s South Fars gas field to Pakistan’s Balochistan and Sindh provinces in 2010, but work on Pakistan’s portion has been held up due to fears of US sanctions.

The 1,900 kilometre (1,180 mile) pipeline was meant to supply 750 million to one billion cubic feet per day of natural gas for 25 years to meet Pakistan’s rising energy needs.

Tehran says it has invested $2 billion to construct the pipeline on its territory. Pakistan, however, did not begin construction, citing international sanctions on Iran as the reason.

In 2014, Islamabad asked for a 10-year extension to build the pipeline, which expires in September this year. Iran can take Pakistan to international court, industry watchers have said.

Spotlight: Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and some key facts

Faced with potential legal action, Pakistan’s caretaker administration this year gave the go ahead in principal to commence plans to build an 80km segment of the pipeline.

In March, Islamabad said it would seek a US sanctions waiver for the pipeline. The US, however, said it did not support the project and cautioned about the risk of sanctions in doing business with Tehran.

Nourian on Monday said the pipeline did not come under international restrictions, and that the two countries were discussing the issue.

He did not answer a question about the potential for Iran to take legal action against Pakistan if it did not complete its side of the pipeline this year.

Pakistan, whose domestic and industrial users rely on natural gas for heating and energy needs, is in dire need for cheap gas with its own reserves dwindling fast and LNG deals making supplies expensive amidst high inflation.

Iran has the world’s second-largest gas reserves after Russia, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, but sanctions by the West, political turmoil and construction delays have slowed its development as an exporter.


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Love Your Country May 06, 2024 06:52pm
Big brother is watching!
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Kabir May 06, 2024 08:27pm
@Shahbaz Ali, who said pakistan is poor
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test May 06, 2024 09:32pm
Both Pakistan and Iran trade with China as one of their biggest trading partners. We know Euro/Usd is susceptible to sanctions so we will finance the whole project using Chinese Yuan. Let's just agree
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test May 06, 2024 09:33pm
Building an oil or a gas pipeline is not a rocket science and also nothing is more complicated than to produce local advanced 1nm microchips using locally developed advanced euv lithography machines..
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test May 06, 2024 09:34pm
It's just a pipeline Financing should not be complicated. Building of Pipeline should not be complicated. Bypassing any sort of american sanctions should not be complicated. China is always for rescue
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Re=== May 06, 2024 09:49pm
No chance. Just wishfull thinking. LIke gwadar airport
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Yaqootmir May 06, 2024 10:29pm
@Love Your Country , Bif brother can watch all they want the pipeline is going ahead. Big Brother is not Big brother it used to be. Pakistan needs to forge ahead.
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hooman May 06, 2024 10:37pm
Maybe the Saudis can invest in this project!
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Ozair May 07, 2024 05:38am
This happens when you are dependent on others. Independent foreign Policy and Economic growth are the two key elements to be aiming at .
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