JAKARTA: At least 15 people have been found dead after a landslide in central Indonesia, local authorities said on Sunday.

At least 17 victims have been evacuated from the landslide that hit Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi province on Saturday evening, said local disaster agency head Sulaiman Maila.

“Two of them survived while 15 others sadly passed away,” Maila told AFP on Sunday.

“According to reports from residents, there are still two individuals reported missing, presumably buried under the landslide debris.”

Indonesia floods, landslide kill 19, with seven missing

Tana Toraja and its surrounding areas have been experiencing heavy rainfall for the past week, he added.

Indonesia is prone to landslides during the rainy season and the problem has been aggravated in some places by deforestation, with prolonged torrential rain causing flooding in some areas of the archipelago nation.

Last month flash floods and landslides on Sumatra island killed at least 30 people with scores still missing.

A landslide and flooding swept away dozens of houses and destroyed a hotel near Lake Toba on Sumatra in December, killing at least two people.


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